THIS IS NOT MY CAT! (24 pics)

These cats should be arrested for trespassing and/or breaking and entering because NONE OF THESE PEOPLE OWN CATS…

























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      1. Me too! Especially since I was feedibg an outside stray, woke up at 3:30 a.m. And saw one of those happily eating the outdoor food – at least it was outdoors!

        1. Years ago when I had a house in Boston, I would leave feeders with food & water on the front porch for my 2 cats. I noticed the food going too quickly and the water often dirty. One night when the cats were inside, I heard noises on the porch. I looked out the window and saw a pair of raccoons.

          1. I noticed 10# of INDOOR food gone in a WEEK for 2 cats and dirty water. A raccoon was coming into my house through a slight crack in the sliding glass doors and consuming all the cat food after I went to bed at midnight and I caught my cats watching him from on top of the kitchen table!!

          2. Racoons love to clean their food before they eat it. If you ever get the chance feed them cotton candy and watch. They go to wash it and get so confused when it disolves!

          1. Cat pictures – hilarious. You people have cats now!

            Wikipedia is not a valid source for proof because anyone can edit the content. Try it, you can edit any page.

            There are Possums and Opossums
            The term possum covers about 70 species of marsupials native to Australia and surrounding islands. Opossum covers over 100 species of marsupials living in the Western Hemisphere. Opossums are often referred to colloquially as possums (or ‘possums), but in scientific contexts, possum and opossum refer to different groups of animals.

          2. from Chris’ link:
            “They are also commonly called possums, particularly in the Southern United States”

            Chris didn’t count on people actually reading the article he linked to

          3. The guy who said Wikipedia is not a valid source has no idea what they’re talking about.
            Just like a school teacher, they claim ‘being able to edit it’ means that its not a valid source of information, even though its constantly moderated and that every major edit needs citation, or else its removed.

        1. I find this statement false. Have had many opossums on
          My front porch eating cat food and even had one
          Live in my hall closet for the winter. Never had any trouble from any of them and most of the times when I walked outside, they would scurry off. The one that lived in the house shared the cat food and water with my other cats with never a problem between them. Opossums are very cool and considered one of the cleanest animals, because the spend as much time as cats if not more grooming themselves.

          1. Very true about Opossums … not mean, not vicious .. clean .. look ugly when attacked .. they get a bad rap. Don’t be mean to them.

          2. opossom are easy to get along with- true. Had skunks eating cat food. Neighbors were scared and called Health Bureau we got warned- must be their when we feed cats and bring the food in after they are done. I’ve fed raccoons, skunks too and never had any problems. I guess they respect their feeders.

          3. They can’t even carry rabies. Literally. Can’t. Look it up, they’re immune. And very non aggressive. I’m sure one has bitten someone sometime, but anything will if terrified enough. They’d rather curl in a ball and hide. Gentle animals.

          4. Because their primary defense mechanism is to play dead to deter any predators from eating them. This is because evan animals know that bad meat makes them sick. Unfortunately for the opossum, there are scavenging animals that will eat them anyway, so their secondary defense is to hiss and spit and get really loud, and that’s why people think they’re mean.

        2. That is not accurate. Opossums are very placid animals who try to get away at all costs. If cornered and threatened, of course, they will bare their teeth and snarl (wouldn’t you?) If the threat persists, they will fall over unconscious (hence playing possum) with froth at their mouths and emit a foul smell to tell the predator (human or dog usually) that they are dead. Please do not perpetuate the myth about this much maligned and valuable animal that, ironically, probably holds the key to solving many human ailments.

          1. Let’s just hope we don’t join them in canabalism … that’s right opossums eat dead opossums, that’s part of why they creep me out

        3. Stacye Rose, you are so wrong it’s painful.

          For 2 years we had an opossum who lived on and off in our garage. I fed her cat food, she let my dog sniff her without seeming to bothered, even had a couple babies (which why I assume she was a she) in there. I was heartbroken one summer when there was one hit on our road in front of my house as I’m pretty sure it was her :(.

          1. How can someone be wrong when they clearly state that these animals “CAN” be mean, nasty, and vicious.
            This statement also implies they CAN be something else, ie cute cuddly and affectionate, not that they factually are mean, nasty and vicious.
            The same as you “CAN” be president/prime minister or you “CAN” be a crackhead/methhead…..does not mean that you are though!!

        4. Any animal, including humans, can be mean. I don’t like opossums because of EPM… I love my horses and would rather Dad shoot the opossum than risk our equine family members.

          1. This. Plus I raised a litter of twelve, and they are downright evil to each other. Out of the twelve, one female stayed friendly to people. I took them far away, to a river landing in a state park, far away from any horses, but if they come here and I can’t catch them quick, I shoot them. I’d rather bury a ‘possum than a horse.

        5. I have specialized in opossums for 21 years, never once have I used a pair of glove to pick up a wild opossum. They are not nasty, not vicious and certainly not mean. The do not get rabies and are good to have around. The will rid your property of poisonous snakes and ticks.

        1. Fern i have to dissagree with you i also had one that took up with some baby kittens i was feeding & i thought it was as cute as could be 🙂

      1. my cat is called Opossum she has a white pointy face with black nose and ears then a white body and black tail

      2. You guys don’t have gardens if you think possums are a good thing. I’ve trapped 5 in the last couple of months…relocated them to the country.

        1. Thanks for trapping and releasing them. 🙂 They’re just trying to survive but I understand your wanting to keep them out of your garden. Again, thanks for the relocation. I’ve trapped and relocated some tiny, adorable field mice that infiltrated by husband’s office and his bagel stash. (And moved bagels into sealed container.) 😉

          1. I second that! We have enough. Honestly, if you put a city animal in “the wild,” it’ll go to what’s familiar and get run over or killed by a dog. Or kill someone’s small pet. That animal doesn’t have some fun life ahead.

          2. I also live..born and raised….Never….Ever think you can take tame any wild animal…they are wild who make their in woods….you them out of their home..even as babies…the is in them…its bred into them…they will turn on..on a dime…i know..believe me..

          1. Police do that with bums when they live on opposite sides of the river. They just go over the bridge and drop them off. Big bridge on the mississippi

        2. Opossums/Possums actually ARE good. If you succeed in trapping and relocating all of them then Raccoons will move in. Possums don’t carry rabies. Raccoons do. Possums eat tons of ticks and other insects.

        3. I had a possum in the basement ceiling once. It tried to walk on the inside of a light fixture and fell onto the downstairs sink. Hearing the crash was kind of a surprise. I wasn’t up to grabbing it, despite the slow movement, but caught it and released to the back yard. Even slow running away from the trap and into the woods.

          Those little hand-like claws are strange.

    1. Having the opposite problem,trying to capture a stray cat. He eats here daily, and calls me if I am late, but he will not let me near him, or come inside even when the weather is bad. Sigh

      1. My mom use to feed any stray cat near our home. Luckily it was limited to one at a time. Missy, my mom fed outdoors for 2 years. Missy got pregnant (by my male cat) and she had her kittens outside under our porch. Needless to say, my mom got Missy fixed and Missy had to recoup indoors. She was never a stray again. 😉 She lived to be 15 and traveled cross county twice.

      2. If you’re really wanting to tame him, for lack of a better word, here are some things you could try:
        1. Start putting a towel or tshirt with your scent on it under his bowl. This will get him to start associating your scent with being fed, which can get him more comfortable with coming near you.

        2. After a week or two of this, start siting outside with him as he eats. Gradually move the bowl closer to you until you have him eating right next to you. This will be a very slow process, as most ferals are extremely wary of humans, but eventually he will let you pet him. Just don’t try to while he is eating. Many outdoor kitties, feral cats especially, can have food aggression and he may lash out.

        One of my guys used to be feral and terrified of people, but with lots of patience and this technique (along with putting one of my shirts in an outdoor shelter I made him), he is now one of my most loving indoor kitties (:

      3. borrow a trap from a cat rescue organization and get him neutered and you will have a friend. You should be able to keep him in once he is neutered. If he doesn’t want to stay in, he will at least not be impregnating anyone.

      4. It took me about 6 months of feeding outside before he stepped his little paw in the house. OMG – we closed the door and he went ape trying to jump out the window! He ended up living a long, happy, luxurious life too! The cat will come in when he’s ready. Put his food out, then back off bit, but watch him while he’s eating and let him know you’re watching … from a distance. He’ll learn. After all, he did pick you!

        1. My sister has “adopted ” several over the years. Takes them a while and one after all these years(7) still won’t let you pick her up . But she’s quite happy as a member of the family…..

      5. Hi there. If you want the cat to start allowing you to pet him you have to slowly work him up to it. When he wakes you up to feed him sit down with the food and wait until he gets as close to you as possible before you put it down for him. Remember that spot and then do the same thing again, but don’t give in and feed him until he reaches that spot. When he has done that consistently for a week or so, then sit with the food again and wait for him to inch closer and then feed him, the next day only feed him when he reaches the closer spot. Do it a little at a time and eventually the animal will be eating out of your hand. Patience and no fast movements and you will have your friend.

      6. I succeeded in getting a feral cat in my basement. I had a cat door into the house and in a month she was coming up to socialize.

      7. Sit as close as your allowed and talk to them. I’ve tamed wild cat’s before & it takes awhile. Just be patient.

    2. I rescue Virginia opossums, also called possums, and have had 5 non-releasable opossums who lived out their lives in my house. The second one, Sari, slept in bed with me sharing my pillow! They are very clean, gentle animals. They show their teeth and look threatening when cornered, but if left alone will bother no one. They eat all of the things that you don’t want in your yard or house, snakes, rats, mice, roaches, etc. They do not carry rabies.

    3. This reminds me of when I was in middle school. We had a black and white cat named powder. She was an indoor outdoor cat and one night my mom is trying to call her into the house and she won’t come. My mom goes down off the porch to to pick her up and realizes that it was definitely not our cat lol!!

        1. All cats are owners – my blog on this very subject, Isabel. And that mother cat with 2 kittens – yuuup, that person now owns 3 cats lol!

          1. Keep counting…there are at least 4 kittens in that picture…and perhaps a 5th…I see some calico fur under mama’s front leg! 🙂

          2. I was sure hoping that whomever found that momma with the 4 kittens would keep her safe and loved….

          3. I thought.. wait did I miss a picture…not that I see. The 10th one down? 4, maybe 5 kittens (if the calico body isn’t attached to the tabby head and it’s a kitten underneath the other two)
            Ninjas from birth

          4. What happened to the other two kittens?

            And what did the person do with that whole bunch in front of her house? I can imagine taking in one or two but 10?

          5. That one that some think is a black kitten is actually mamas back leg. I had to look at it several times to tell cause at first it looked like a baby lying on top of another baby in the opposite direction, but nope just her hind leg. There’s four kittens total

          1. Very correct statement. I am servant and medical rate payer for 2 bosses!!! Both rescue cats, they picked my Son.

      1. LOL The one who was studying and got interrupte by the pretty black kitty, when I read “still not my cat,” I said, yes it is, you just don’t realise it yet.

    1. This is how we wound up with our cat! She walked in one day and never left. We had her for 10 years 🙂

      1. That happened to us too! I’d just left my mom’s house (she lives across the street) My step-dad had just passed away and I’d stayed there until he was picked up. On the way back to my house a cat followed behind me right into the house like he lived there, ate some of our cat’s food, rolled over on his back with feet in the air and went to sleep. We’ve had him four years now. I like to think my step-dad sent him to help cheer me up!

    2. Meet the Elusive Sand Cat
      After about a two-month gestation period, a sand cat will bear, on the average, three kittens
      IN THE heart of an arid desert, during the dark hours of the night, a sand cat emerges from its den and stops.
      check this amazing video

    3. Exactly… the one with four outdoor cats and “we don’t own cats….” Well, don’t feed them then…. If people come home to a cat in the house, it’s a sign that the house is full of good energy. I was owned by my first cat when he moved himself in. We never learned where he came from, but he was a beautiful altered tom, very dignified, afraid of men. He warmed up to my dad eventually. Best cat ever.

      1. Opossums are not rodents. They are marsupials.
        The opossums, also known by their scientific name Didelphimorphia, make up the largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere, including 103 or more species in 19 genera. Wikipedia
        Scientific name: Didelphimorphia
        Rank: Order
        Lower classifications: Didelphidae
        Higher classification: Ameridelphia

        1. You know the reason possums are on the planet is so you can play with em… give ’em a sharp rap and they curl up, then grab the tail hold it out the car window and go down the highway, they won’t uncurl lol

          1. And of course, once you can get close enough to the feral cat for him to see your face, you can slow blink to him. This is a great precursor to physical touch. And it’s a wonderful way to bond with a cat!

          2. Perhaps you will be reborn as a ‘possum and will then encounter a human with the kind of views you currently have.

  1. Yeah I have a few cats but this still happened to me. I went to work and then came home. I heard meowing that sounded different from my other cats, but I thought “eh, one of them just sounds weird.” Went into the kitchen…nope, there was a kitten in my kitchen. It was freezing cold outside so I sent out cans of food, let her eat, then chased her till I got hold of her, took her to the bed and put her under the covers with me. She hasn’t left yet.

    1. but somebody might love that runaway kitten and now it might never find its home! maybe put out some posters?

        1. Don’t be so judgmental. Sometimes cats might get out while their humans are at work or sick in the hospital etc.

          1. It can be kids that accidently let the cat out. I had a cat dissapoear to nowhere when i was a child, we searched for years, I was devastated!

        2. Or you know, cats sometimes escape the house, especially kittens. Really hope that one of your pets never gets out on accident, and that whoever finds them just assumes you’re negligent and keeps it for themselves.

        3. Uughh! This happened to my mom only it was a tiny Chihuahua puppy. It was walking down the street in 14 degree weather and snow. My mom coaxed her over and got her in the house. Mom looked out the window for hours for anyone who looked like they might be driving slow or looking for the puppy but there was never anyone. She’s mom’s now! How could someone lose a tiny puppy in the freezing cold and not even go looking for it?

        4. I agree. I have 12 and they all found me. I live in the country and someone is always throwing away kitties and puppies.

    2. Okay, this is the original poster and just in case any more people come along to tell me how evil I am, let me elaborate more. I was trying to make it short and quick the first time but apparently that makes me a horrible person.

      This was a STRAY kitten. I know that’s difficult to understand, but believe it or not, some kittens don’t have owners. And yes some kittens are free. In fact a LOT of kittens are free. I live in the boonies of my town. Out in the middle of nowhere. I live in an area where people actually take their stray cats and dogs and just LEAVE them there because they don’t want to take care of them anymore and refuse to take them to a shelter. I have literally had stray cats crawl under my house and give birth and then move on as soon as the kittens are weaned. I then had to socialize these animals and I have kept them, spayed or neutered them, and took care of them.

      This kitten was non-social until I forced her to get warm. A kitten whose already introduced to human attention, especially one as friendly as my kitten is, will not ignore getting petted. She had no collar. This kitten was covered in fleas, and I know that because I woke the next morning to find that I was covered in flea bites. She was underfed and very, very hungry. She was only about seven, eight weeks old, only recently weaned, so if someone had been feeding her, she should not have been that skinny.

      Futhermore, when I said “she hasn’t left yet,” I meant it. I have not forced her to stay. I have a window open at all times because I work long hours so I like the cats to be able to get out of the house so they don’t tear up as much inside, and they can return home when they are tired, are maybe being chased by a dog, or bad weather hits and be safe. She has every chance to leave and she goes and play out in the yard every day, then returns when she’s hungry or tired or simply wants to see me.

      And now I know everyone is going to say “she may not know the way back” and I’m going to say to you, if she DID have an owner, they were obviously not tending to her very well. Covered in fleas and starving is not the way any kitten should be.

  2. The third 0ne – if you feed a cat(s) just once they will keep coming back. I am guilty of this too (and I do own a cat).

  3. Found a mama cat with newborn kittens in my horses stall. I did not own a cat. She moved and took all the kittens but one, leaving me to bottle feed it. I now own a cat.

      1. Not necessarily. Mousing is a learned behavior. Cats will hunt mice only if their mothers taught them to. Doesn’t sound like this little one’s mother was around long enough for that!

        1. I don’t know that I agree with that. Maybe in most cases. I adopted a 5 month old kitten from Pet Smart. Years later we got mice in our double house. She sure knew what to do! She caught a few! Now her sister, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with that.

          1. I adopted a 4 week old kitten. He is an amazing mouser. Pretty sure it’s instinctual.

        2. You’re wrong. Catching & killing small creatures is genetically programmed in cats. They will learn to do it even without teaching. That said, they mostly only prey rodents and other flightless creepycrawly things. Birds, squirrels etc. have to fly or jump straight into cat’s jaws in order to be killed. (Urban environment may be different in that respect, the prey seem to be somewhat imbecile there…)

          1. I had a cat that would climb trees and wait for birds to fly by. He would jump out of the tree, grab the the bird and the bird would be dead before the two if them hit the ground. Birds are not safe from cats!!

  4. This is how we ended up with our cat, Echo. Ten+ years ago he walked in our front door. After searching for his owner to no avail, we decided to keep him. He is the greatest. I swear I’m not making this up – he walks the kids to the bus stop. The bus driver used to think it was hilarious!

    1. Haha, good times! My Russian Blue, Tasha, used to follow me to college. My instructor never minded that I’d take her home at the beginning of class, then come back.

      Tasha had two black kittens, Satch and Princess. One day my roommate called me at work to ask how many black cats we had. I said, “Two” She replied, “There are three here now” That’s how we got Elrick, who just walked in and stayed! Tasha got “fixed” shortly thereafter, btw, along with the rest of the gang.

      1. I think what Sea Glass is implying is that these pictures could have come from the cats’ owners. You may have added the text to make it humorous. I’m not saying you did – just saying what I’m assuming Sea Glass is implying.

      2. But if you added all the captions, where did the photos and stories come from? I believe the implication is that these are just photos of people’s cats and the captions are fictional.

        1. I sort of assumed the text had been posted somewhere with the photo and he just added the captions directly to the pictures.

  5. Once I was adopted by a beautiful tortoiseshell cat……but unfortunately her real family came to take her home!

  6. Lmao too amusing. Cats are just awesome ninjas full of love. Then if you have a cat you wonder if it changed colors, or decided to do online blind dating without asking. Who knew Whiskers and Fluffy had Facebook pages? 0.O
    But on a serious note, I have to suck the fun out of this and add that I’d like to think anyone who finds a random cat, even in their house, has the decency to put up “Found” cat flyers and get them scanned for a chip and owner (usually a free courtesy to scan at your local vets). Odds are if they’re friendly enough and confident enough to waltz in your house, they probably have a home and family missing them. Not everything is homeless or ‘abandoned’, so just in case, post and make an effort, it’s also the law to report found domestic animals. Anything too young to eat or walk on it’s own isn’t the same as finding an adolescent or adult pet, whether or not it’s healthy, no one knows where it’s been or who it belongs to (who it’s parents are) and apparently being in a stranger’s home, they’re passed their curfew!! Lol their parents will be furious.

  7. If I ever came home to a random cat in my house do you know how happy/baffled I would be! I have six cats of my own now a lucky seventh one that just mysteriously showed up would be quite interesting.

    1. Tuxedo Cats are weird and rambunctious, with a wicked sense of humor and extremely high intelligence (at least that’s what the one who has owned and pwned me for the last decade avers). There’s a REASON why Tuxies show up in the strangest places…

    2. At my parents’ old house there was a tuxedo cat that used to spy on us. You’d see him creeping along on top of the fence and then sitting down to stare in the window, or come up onto the patio to peer inside before leaving again. Very weird.

  8. Why does this not happen to me? Wasps come in our flat. A bird came in once. Please….can I open my door for five minutes and have a Siamese stroll in?

  9. These all made me giggle. The pile o’kitties really made me ‘awe’. Well, you’re all cat people now whether you like it or not. Except that last one…. he gets shooed out with a broom.

  10. And then there would be me, I’d get rid of all the cats. Some of them had collars, I’d call those owners. The rest are going to no-kill shelters. Sorry cat, I am allergic to you, thus you cannot stay.

  11. LAME! This would be funny if it was real. Clearly, these are just found images of cats being silly around the house with text added to make it seem like the cat just appeared. NONE of these are original posts — tweets or fb posts. NONE of these have any spelling/grammar errors which is a dead giveaway that it’s not really from the interwebs. ALL of the text is the same & added at the top of the photo. Obviously ALL DONE BY ONE PERSON. So, so, so lame.

  12. Once time my mom left the window open while watching TV and found a cat next to her and was absentmindedly petting it. Yea, that wasn’t one of ours.

  13. Fell asleep in my backyard on a sunny day in July, 2004. I woke up with a tabby tom asleep on my chest. He never left the comfort of my home for more than 2 hours at a time, until he died 6 years later.

  14. My cat Gary looks like the first two pictures. He has been missing for 3 years 🙁 is there any way to contact those who submitted them?

  15. My cat is 20. There is quite often a heartless queue outside politely enquiring if the situation is vacant yet. Whenever she goes outside she makes sure they know it isn’t. Last year I had to take her for a shot after I found her fighting a large young ginger tom, kicking hell out of him. He looked desperately at me but I couldn’t get her off him! :^o

  16. A cat moved in with me a few months ago, just waltzed in and wouldn’t leave, I found her owner, who thought she was male, gave her back, a week later the owner contacted me asking if I’d take her in perminantly, as she was pregnant and she didn’t have time for that. So I took her in…. She wasn’t pregnant, I already had 4 of my own so now I am officially the crazy cat lady of our street with 5

  17. A cat once “allowed” me to feed him but not touch. Beautiful boy. Vet later found he had been kicked or hit because his hind leg had not healed properly and was deformed by arthritis. When I moved, I had to take him with me. Couldn’t just leave his as I suspect some of these were. One day on my way to work I saw him leave one neighbor’s house and enter another. At least three on one street thought we “owned” a cat. Before he died (at a ripe old age) he became a very loving companion. Still miss him.

  18. In the 90s we rescued a cat and her kittens. We couldn’t find homes for them so we kept them. At night, one by one, all five would join me in bed. One night about 1 am I awoke. I couldn’t get back to sleep and couldn’t move because of cats. I counted them. There were seven. As I said, we only had five. LOL

  19. Guys, I have news for you. Those ARE your cats. Nobody owns a cat, a cat decides whether or not it owns you, and that’s just how it is. Congratulations, you have cats now. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  20. I took my boyfriend to work early one morning and went back to bed to get another hour of sleep. As I was leaving for work, I noticed a strange cat sitting in my armchair. He was very friendly, but he was NOT my cat.

  21. My first call would be to Pest Control. Sorry, but I do not want any pets. Or pests, for that matter.

    They are all cute though. Except for that last one.

  22. i’d believe more of these if pic three didn’t have what looks like cat food dishes out with the

  23. i want to wake up to some cats. i love mine, but it doesn’t hurt to have more. also, i hope that one got some treats.

  24. Obviously none of these people understand the esoteric rules of cat ownership.

    The cat has chosen. This cannot be undone.

  25. One day I noticed a scrawny black cat stealing our cat’s food from the back verandah. She appeared to be feral and ran off when I opened the door. She came back the next day with a small black and white kitten following behind her, so I put out extra food. The next day, there were two kittens with her, and the day after, three! I would sit on the step and try to win her confidence, but it took weeks before she finally allowed me to touch her. As I ran my hand gently across her fur, I felt a piece of string tied tightly around her abdominal area, cutting into her flesh. She wouldn’t let me remove it until a few days later, but I think that was the turning point, when she finally came to trust me completely. By then, the kittens, who were totally feral, were at least a couple of months old, and we were in the process of moving house. I’d decided to try to take Grizabella with us, and the new owners of the house said they wanted to keep one of the kittens (good luck with that one!) and were arranging for cat protection to take the other two. I’d had Grizzy speyed by the time we moved, and she settled in without a hitch, never once tried to go back to the old house, even though it was very close by. She never became a “cuddly” cat, but she was the gentlest creature I have ever known, and never bared a claw to anyone in the 15+ years that she owned me. She died almost 12 years ago and I still miss her.

  26. “I don’t have a cat”

    You do, now!! Congrats!!

    (this is how we got Sugar Fluff…he waltzed in, curled up on a chair and said “Oh Hai! I lives here nao!” )

  27. We had a cat growing up that would dissappear for weeks at a time. One day I was walking through the neighborhood and spotted him. As a was calling him over a woman started calling him by another name.
    It turns out he was living a double life.
    Everyone agreed to let him live in both houses and be called by two names.

  28. Heh heh. Apparently, I have approximately 3 cats right now. One of them is definitely not “mine” (but is probably the father of all “my” cats). One of “my” cats recently decided to relocate somewhere else, at least for the time being. I’ve raised 14 kittens from two mothers (neither of them was “mine”). Cats are communal beings. They choose you if they so wish and they can decide otherwise, anytime, at their own discretion. You can’t “own” a cat. Discussion closed.

  29. You may not own a cat but the cat(s) chose you for a reason. They adopted you, so you might as well accept it. 🙂

  30. I decided to take the neighborhood cat that apparently doesn’t go to is old home any more to get a check up at the vet for parasites and shots since I was letting him come in when the weather was bad and he was around my cats. I was sure to explain to the Doctor though that he was NOT our cat. We just feed him. And he sleeps in our house. And now we are paying for his medical care. But he isn’t our cat. She nodded but I didn’t quite think she bought it.

    In many states the law says if you feed a cat it is your property. So the one with the food bowls out side claiming they don’t own a cat may be bogus.

  31. You do now.

    That’s how I got my Ninja. She snuck in one day. I put her back out. She came back in the next time I opened the door. She’s been here for two years now…

  32. I chased away a feral cat for about 3 yrs, until my house cat died so made friends with Tuxie, a Beautiful Tuxedo cat, had him fixed and now he is MY cat. curled up on a chair right now. He is beautifuly velvet.

  33. Dear Humans,
    Truly I am surprised you have not yet figured out how we operate. We are highly organized, and network through “your” computers (Siri and a feline >English, other human languages translation program one of our feline tech engineers developed have been invaluable). When one of us needs shelter, or may simply prefer a more cat-friendly home, he/she can easily find friendly local housing using intelligence gathered by the cats who own you and your homes. I find it amusing that you humans think these are random occurrences!

    We are just searching for that perfect combination of kind and attentive “owner” (feline laughing here!) to share our lives with. We thank you all for your service to us, and appreciate that most of you have realized who is really the “owner”. We do this out of love and respect for the humans who love us (and for the food, clean water, and free healthcare, of course – we are not lacking when it comes to intelligence!). (Meow OL!)

    HRF (His Royal Fluffiness) King Snickerdoodles
    Collier County, Florida

  34. LOL this was great. We had a handsome tuxedo cat jump down off the shelving in our garage yesterday (not my cat) but he is super friendly and we have kitty food and water out there for our cats and we are just letting him hang around. He may become our cat if we don’t find his owners or he moves along to wherever he lives 🙂

  35. Live in Alaska no opossums, or raccoons we do have foxes which are more related to cats then dogs ..2nd cats will leave a home if feeling mistreated for any reason will adopt some one else or there polyandrous, will go spend time with a family when real family is gone , cats are great, fickle etc ..

  36. Ok i grew up in the sticks. Bfe if you will. First off i laughed till my face hurt. Second get it right. If you’re gonna call yourself country i appreciate refrencing the animals by their correct names but to us it’s possum & coons. Ever been skipe hunting? Anyways fun aside. Dont pick on people for being country or city. Not cool. It was abot the gawddamn cats in the first place. Absolutely hilarious pictures of cats where they don’t belong. People can be rediculous. Get off the gmo’s & prepackaged foods it’s making you all adhd.

  37. I think those first couple photos of the Tuxedo cat might be my Tucker. The cat bears a distinct resemblance. I loved the one where the person came home and found a mother cat and her new born kittens. Just what I would need. Maybe they do not own a cat, but they do now and an entire family of cats. Once the person sees the cuties grow into their own unique personalities it is so difficult to give them up. This is how a hoarding situation begins. People that say they are not cat lovers suddenly realize they now are a cat person.

  38. Well all these people are going to need a litter box cause they may not have had a cat….but they do now.

  39. Yeah, totally believable. All the “this is not my cat pictures” use the same font for the image texts…

  40. Janet I think I’m going to cancel my study I felt strange and please let me figure it out I’ll figure out what it is.thanks suzy

  41. That’s not funny or cute. That’s unsanitary! Clearly you’re an animal lover. That’s great! However, still gross!

  42. Well, I remembered the Dursleys of Philosopher’s Stone and the owls with the Hogwarts letters to Harry. Maybe you should accept these cats. hahahahaha

  43. You obviously need to get a cat to keep the other cats away! Our cat was very territorial and would fight any cat in “Her” area. 😉

  44. My sister and I had a cat that found a way to crawl thru a space in the basement to the neighbors. We lived in an old duplex. Our cat scared our neighbor’s cat at 3 am. They were NOT amused.

  45. I had a chipmunk invader once, but all the cats have been my cats. [And they were all indoor cats. So none of them were at YOUR place.]

  46. “I heard a faint meow from the other room. This is not my cat, and I’m on the second floor”

    EXACTLY the same thing happened to me. I opened the window, the cat walked in, sat down next to me on my bed, and loudly purred as my friend and I stroked him. Next day I took him to the vet, explained the circumstances, and asked them to give him “the works,” including neutering, on my dime. One of the staff had a friend who did adoptions. She agreed to take him and get him adopted. I never saw him again and hope/believe he got a great home. I already had enough animals, so was relieved to not have to keep him.

  47. Even though you all don’t own cats, you are greatly blessed to be visited by these amazing animals! Dogs are really sweet and love unconditionally. However, cats prefer genuinely good and loving people — that is why they are drawn to you! You really should adopt 1 or 5 today.

  48. I think my cat keeps forgetting she is only one cat but how come we always find that single cat has been cloned by some kind of spontaneous combustion. I keep looking out in my yard and we have 20 new cats -all black . if I were superstitious I would think we have trouble ahead. uh oh…?

  49. Hey, so um, I lost my cat. He is a very friendly tannish brown tabby with black stripes. If it is not too much of a bother, would you that have a cat that fits the description, see if he responds to Moonta. Thanks so much.

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