24 Extremely Weird Anime GIFs

If you don’t think anime has it’s extremely weird moments, well then may I turn your attention to exhibit A… [h/t smosh]

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      1. The panty obsession started with WWII. When Americans were over in Japan, they’d visit prostitutes. The prostitutes, in order to make the American servicemen happy, started wearing the underwear of American girls. Panties got associated with prostitutes and sexy in times in general, and became a fetish of the country.

  1. Once again, it’s your website that locks up my browser. I avoid Buzzfeed and Cheezburger for this exact reason. Please, clean up your code. Please?

  2. Ahh my weeaboo-ness comes in handy today.

    1) Plastic Nee-san
    2) Angel beats
    3) no idea
    4) Nichijou
    5) not idea
    6) Mysterious Girlfriend X
    7) Nichijou
    8) Shirokuma Cafe
    9) Sgt. Frog (Keroro)
    10) D frag
    11) D frag
    12) not sure but it brings a new meaning to man-buns
    13) Cuticle Tantei Inaba
    14) Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
    15) no idea
    16) Heaven’s Lost Property (This is a hilarious anime!)
    17) Hamtaro (I believe??)
    18) Nichijou
    19) no idea
    20) no idea
    21) Joshiraku
    22) Hajime No Ippo
    23) no idea
    24) Seitokai Yakuindomo

    πŸ™‚ You’re welcome

    1. The third one is from Aishiteru ze baby, but is edited with some weird guy kicking. But is not a real fragment of aishiteru ze baby…

    2. 17 is Oruchuban Ebichu. The hamster’s master has a boyfriend who constantly cheats on her, and they have sex at least 3 times in each episode. Also, the hamster has a double identity as a superhero who gives people sex advice.

  3. If you don’t think anime has its (not it’s) extremely weird moments, welcome to the Internet, this must be your first day.

  4. the one with the kid hopping is the only non-cannon one. i’m sure that doesn’t say much with all the actual weird-ass canon shi* that happens in anime

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