Designer Turns Crazy Kid Drawings Into Actual Inventions (16 Pics)

Designer Dominic Wilcox joined forces with The Cultural Spring to turn children’s hand-drawn inventions into a reality. Only a fraction of the 450 submissions could be created. Click through to see each children’s drawing, followed by the resulting product. [via distractify]

12 responses to Designer Turns Crazy Kid Drawings Into Actual Inventions (16 Pics)

  1. Pringles can. –
    You’re a kid. Your hand still fits. When it no longer fits you learn that the can moves and you can actually tip it and the Pringles slide out. Pretty obvious.

    Lunchbag Timer –
    Got a clock? Got a phone with task settings? Have stomach that tells you when you’re hungry? You don’t need this. What if your lunchbag is in the fridge? How many clocks are you going to pass on the way to ask if it’s lunchtime? Want a info lunchbag for a 6th grader? Have one tell me when Colette forgot to wear underwear with her skirt so I can go watch her on the swings.

    Forking Fan – Do you take this to restaurants? Otherwise, there’s a thing called “waiting”. Also, a thing called “eat something else on your plate”.

    Super fast tennis ball – Needs a remote, duh. Can’t have controls on the ball, it will affect the bounce. Have you played tennis?

    Cushioned shoes – Weight distribution stays the same. Want to avoid creaky boards, you need a propeller beanie that will actually lift you off the ground.

    Phone Friend – Pay phones? Really? How old are you that you’re at the gas station pay phone making drug deals? Serious, that thing will be ripped off in 45 minutes.

    Shady Lamp – I like it.

    EZ slice fryer. – Enjoy your burns. Oh it has a wall to prevent splashes? Good luck with that.

    1. I’m with you. The Shady Lamp was cool…modern, yet elegant. Everything else is either unnecessary, impractical, or just plain absurd. Still, I commend these kids for their creativity and the designer for actually taking the time to actually build and/or design them.

    2. Those are KIDS inventions! you dumb a**! and some of them are actually pretty clever, Also he its just a guy making kids happy by seeing their inventions being created of “brought” to life… So stop being an smart a** about it.

  2. Was the Phone Friend invention submitted by a 54 year old? Am I misreading something? I thought these were submitted by kids. (yes, I am making a late comment)

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