This Breakup Coloring Book is Here to Help You Get Over Your Ex

This new coloring book by Creative Collective Design is the perfect cure for a recent breakup. With 50 insulting illustrations to color, you’ll be completely over that d-bag in no time. Have a Nice Life Asshole is available on Amazon. [via distractify]

8 responses to This Breakup Coloring Book is Here to Help You Get Over Your Ex

  1. This is kind of pathetic and childish, isn’t it? Just perpetuates the stereotype that all females are self-destructive after a break up.

        1. Except “Prick” is an insult typically reserved for guys, as is “living with your mother”. The “faked it” panel clinches it. If the insults were directed at females, the panels would say things like “you DID look fat in those pants” and “your best friend gave me a BJ”.

        1. Actually they can and I have heard many say how they do it. If you’re wearing the condom and take it off and get rid of it without showing it to her she doesn’t you didn’t cum in it. 😉

    1. Since when is coloring self-destructive? If you consider this self-destructive you must live in a really delicate bubble world.

  2. Off topic, but did you guys know that chocolate naturally contains the hormone our brain releases when we are in love? That is why girls often eat chocolate after a painful or difficult breakup. Sorry, we were just talking about breakups sooo… to bloody hell with stereotypes!!!

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