24 Airline Passengers You DO NOT Want Sitting Near You

All of these airline passengers need a course refresher in plane etiquette… [via 22words]

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  1. Oh god oh god oh god…. not because of the spider but because of the guy clipping his nails. That frequency is worse than fingernails on a chalk board for me. And people do it in church! And restaurants! And now airplanes??!

  2. What sux is that you cant yell at these @$$holes for fear of getting kicked off the flight. If anyone in front of me puts their hair like that, they should expect foreing objects to appear in their hair

    1. Jeez guys, maybe we could start by politely asking them to fix their hair?

      If they don’t move then bump it up a notch.

      Start caressing their hair lovingly and complementing it. And right when they start to show signs of discomfort give it a nuzzle and ask them if they’d ever consider selling their hair.

    2. Sure you can. You ask nicely, and if they get shirty, you buzz for the flight attendant. I’ve done it and will do it again.

  3. Worst experience I’ve had was a lady on the incoming flight barfed on the her (now my) seat and the floor, covered it with her sweater, and got off the plane without telling anyone.

    The flight crew found it and cleaned up but missed the splatters on the seat belts. The already-delayed flight was held up while the maintenance crew changed out the belts on our seats. We got to stand there and endure the glares from other passengers.

    I couldn’t get home and shower fast enough after that flight.

    1. Turkeys can’t fly.

      Personally I’m wondering why the turkey has an eye mask around its neck. I guess turkeys need to sleep too, though.

      Unrelated but don’t want to make a second comment: The people who have the row all to themselves, fine. Stretch out if you want. But wtf these other people.

      1. I’m willing to bet she didn’t have her hand hanging over the seat the entire flight. The rest of these people are way ruder. Smh.

      1. Yeah. That’s the one picture in this whole set (and they’re all gross) that made me audibly go, “Ewww!”

        1. Yeah, clean, well-manicured nails are the grossest thing on this list just because they are excessively long. Much grosser than bare feet, someone’s insoles on your chair arm, a guy with a huge gut and his pants undone, etc. *rolls eyes*

    1. The person wearing the red boots has their feet in the person with the brown boots’ foot space. Certainly not the worst thing on this list, but definitely inconsiderate.

  4. I can top that 8th picture with the diaper. I was on a flight with a lady that THREW her kid’s dirty diaper at the flight attendant. She didn’t even close it or anything. Luckily it was just wet, but seriously people. Come on. The world is not your ashtray.

      1. Better than throwing it at some poor flight attendant who isn’t getting paid enough to deal with that shit.

        (Trust me, whatever they’re getting paid, in this instance, it’s not enough.)

  5. The guy with 10 beers in front of him is the flight attendant’s fault.

    They should be clearing them out as they drink them.

    Also, if they’re not being a nuisance who cares if they get drunk?

    Or if they are, cut them off.

  6. the hair thing…the hair thing…sure, the other people are filthy..but you’d have to be a special kind of inconsiderate prick to flick your hair back without a single thought that it might be blocking the other person’s viewscreen. it makes me want to just rip their hair out from the roots.

    1. it’s those people who insist on bringing overly large/stuffed carry-on baggage and keep trying to stuff it in the overhead compartment even though it clearly won’t fit

      1. But if they keep trying, they might just open up a portal into another dimension. You know, the one where objects can be larger than the container that they are being pushed into.

  7. last time I flew anywhere I ended up with 2 gameboys and about 2 dozen games show up in my carry-on bag during a bag check as I disembarked. the bag never left my possession and they weren’t in my bag when I got on the plane.
    no idea where they came from.

  8. Y’all need to read “Cruising Altitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet” by Heather Poole. It’s a glimpse into the lives of flight attendants and a really good book.

  9. Don’t flight attendants have literally one job; to enforce the rules of the plane and make people comfortable? Maybe if they did their job and asked ppl to behave instead of gossiping back by the toilets planes wouldn’t be out of hand

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