18 Extremely Creative Promposals

These people are taking the promposal to the next level… [via smosh]








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  1. Last one and third-to-last are the best ones. The flour one was cute, but like, why. Why would you buy all that flour and stuff that into the locker? Why?

    1. It might be a reference to the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” Will Ferrell shows up at Maggie Gyllenhaal’s door with flour instead of flowers, because she’s a baker.

  2. My prom-posal was nowhere near as creative as this. We were snuggling and I was like, “wanna go to prom” and they were like “why” and I was like “I want to do prom with *you*” and they were like “I’ll consider it.”

    1. Right? My prom date asked me while I was filling my water bottle up at the fountain.

      “Do you have a date to prom?”
      “No, not yet.”
      “Good, do you want to go with me?”

      The end.

  3. I love the gift box with the balloon.

    The whole “prom-posal” situation is pretty extreme. It’s a dance. A high school dance.

  4. My prom date asked someone else first and got turned down. After he asked me and I accepted the little bitch that said no made sure I knew that I was a second choice. It was such a typical mean girl movie scene – sitting in study hall with a bunch of girls talking about our proms dates and after I said I was going with John, she said, ‘Yeah, he asked me but I had to say no. I ‘m hoping so- and so will ask me instead.’

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