25 Extremely Awkward Photos From Prom

As these photos can attest, the teen years are often the awkward years…

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  1. I think some of these aren’t prom – like the gypsy one.
    Where in the world are these highschools that allow prom dresses like that? Let me guess – the south?

    The chicken one has to be the best though. I mean they obviously take their chickens very seriously. Hilarious.

  2. some of the ones are made out of duck (duct) tape are done for scholarship money. they may look silly but if it helps pay for college good for them

    1. Agreed – they knew they were gonna look silly, because duct tape, but they ran with it and got creative. Right on.

  3. Is it a regional thing to call it “prom” instead of “the prom”? It sounds off to me, like, “I’m going to store to pick up some beef.”

    1. Perhaps it is regional. In Colorado it seems to be most common to say “going to Prom”. Do you also say “going to the Homecoming?”

  4. Guy on the far left in the series of dock pictures wins for catching his date. It looks like the part she was standing on didn’t collapse like the rest of the dock, but still.

  5. I actually like #5 (the mermaid dress) without that stupid bolero that looks like King Triton’s crown or something. It’s a lovely color.

  6. #2 the twilight dress was from Creationent.com twilight convention. There was a themed ball and many people dressed up. She won a large best dressed. She made that dress by hand. It also had led lights. Not a prom dress at all. She’s very creative and does amazing cosplays.

  7. The first shot of the kids on the dock – that tall dude all the way on the right is Eli Manning, no?

  8. There is no way that pic of 4 blondes are teenagers for prom. Maybe it’s the shitty hair and pic-face makeup but they look at leas 30. And some of these aren’t awkwa d they’re just trashy and prostitute-y. Like cheap, desperate prostitute-y. Bleh.

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