Couple Copes With Infertility by Creating Hilarious ‘Infertility Announcements’

After a long, futile attempt to become pregnant, Spencer and Whitney Blake were eventually told they have “unexplained infertility.” Thankfully, they eventually adopted two boys – Mason and Kellen – and couldn’t be happier. However, to help inspire others, they put together this hilarious series of ‘infertility announcements.’ [via someecards]

At last, the dead end is over!

20 responses to Couple Copes With Infertility by Creating Hilarious ‘Infertility Announcements’

  1. I see “endometriosis” in the Scrabble tiles. That disease claimed my uterus. I’m very lucky to have gotten pregnant once before the hysterectomy.

    These guys are awesome, and I’m so glad they found their sons.

    1. Endo and Adenomyosis here but they keep refusing to do a hysterectomy despite me begging. Apparently I’m ‘too young’ to make such a permenant choice. I don’t want kids and never have so I just want this pain-causing organ GONE.

      But no. I’m ‘too young’. I’m 38.

      1. Hopefully you can get a second opinion. I had my hysterectomy when I was 32. I had gone in to blood pressure shock from blood loss, though.

        1. Tried for many doctors and many years but the NHS says no and I cannot afford private. I just have to live with it

  2. Well, I’m glad they can laugh about this, but it seems kind of messed up to me. Like “LOLOL WE’VE STRUGGLED TO CONCEIVE A CHILD AND JUST CAN’T DO IT. WE’VE PROBABLY CRIED ENOUGH TEARS TO WATER THE LAWN FOR A MONTH OVER THIS. HAHAHA.”

    But, I mean, if they can laugh about it, good for them. And I’m happy for them that they got to adopt two kids. They look like a nice couple, these photos just are hitting my “well that’s more awkward than funny” bone. But, like I already said twice, as long as they can laugh. I know being able to laugh about this stuff can be therapeutic.

    1. I crack jokes about the serious injury that fractured my spine. I come out with damn near tasteless comments about the things I can no longer do. The way I see it if I spend my whole time depressed about the chronic pain I’m in then I’m not going to have much of a life. So I may as well laugh at it.

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