15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

It doesn’t get much better than this list of tweets. I mean, it probably does, but this is what I have.

Last Weeks Funny Tweets–>

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      1. I think since dogs pick stuff up with their mouths they would assume that our hands are mouths. Plus it’s just an awkward situation since the guy is just talking to the vet with out having a dog

    1. Joke is he didn’t even take his dog to the vet, he just wanted to ask philosophical questions about dogs.

  1. World’s worst sorority?

    Lemme guess, it’s the one that is 99.9% rich white girls with bleached teeth and hair with bad spray on tans, but lets in one or two black girls so they can tell themselves that they’re not a racist institution. Oh, and they all drive Vespas in the summer and Tahoes for the rest of the year.

    1. Did you miss the “Sigma Water Meter” thing or are you just being a dick for no reason?

      Actually, you know what, at least many people derive pleasure from actual dicks. I don’t know if a lot of people get pleasure from your comments. You should change your name to Colonoscopy Weasle. Unless your name is really Richard Weasle, in which case, I apologize.

  2. Dogs are cute chewing bones, because without humans, would be dumb enough to chew chicken bones and ribs, and die.

    1. Really now? Do you think wild canines never eat birds or something? The reason dogs can’t have chicken bones is because, generally, they were in the meat while it was cooked. Cooked bones are indigestible and will splinter, and this is true for any kind of bone, not *just* chicken bones. People should never give their dogs cooked bones. Raw bones, on the other hand, are as safe to eat as any other sort of food (which means they’re not entirely safe, because dogs can of course choke on them still, but they also can (and often do) choke on kibble, sticks, rocks, and their toys as well, so it’s really about the same sort of risk as anything else.

      1. Cool, I did not know this about cooked vs. raw bones. I don’t own a dog but this is still good info to have!

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