24 Ridiculous English Language T-Shirts Spotted in Asia

These poor people probably have no idea what their English language t-shirts actually mean… [via bp]

16 responses to 24 Ridiculous English Language T-Shirts Spotted in Asia

  1. I wonder if people who know a bit of English read the third to last shirt (“Australian hat she was thc wa” etc) and think to themselves “Wow, that shirt doesn’t make any sense to me. I better study more English.”

    1. I can relate this shirt to how some Americans put Chinese/Japanese words and letters on their shirts without knowing what it means. I thing the result would be similar to what we see on this shirt.

  2. Maybe they all know what their shirts mean, and they’re wearing them “ironically.” The US can’t be the only country afflicted with hipsters, can it?

    1. If it weren’t for public obscenity laws, I’d wear some of those shirts un-ironically. Especially the “I don’t give a fuck” one.

  3. I’m currently a student in Qingdao, which is a city on China’s coast, and I can tell you from personal experience that people love wearing shirts with English words on them and I know some places like the caf├ęs love using poetic English words to decorate their things. Doesn’t matter if it’s gibberish, because it’s automatically cool because it’s in English. Oddly enough, though, the Chinese tend to be a lot better at reading and writing in English than they are at speaking it, so it’s a little weird that this is a thing.

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