If Satan Opened ‘Heck,” These Would be the Minor Tortures In It (14 Pics)

A Reddit user posed the question, “Satan opens up Heck, a lighter version of Hell. What kinds of torture are in it?” Here are a few of the responses. [via FOD]


30 responses to If Satan Opened ‘Heck,” These Would be the Minor Tortures In It (14 Pics)

  1. Oh no, the humidity higher than the heat would make Heck WORSE than Hell tho.

    And the grocery one? Isn’t that Walmart?

    Heck is Walmart!

  2. Who else got to the last one and was suddenly very aware of their breathing (or aware that they weren’t breathing)?

  3. You have to sleep sitting in the middle chair of the coach section of an airplane.

    The is free wifi, but there are ads every two minutes.

    You constantly have an eyelash hanging down.

    Your nose itches slightly for 4 hours every day.

    You sneeze 20 times in a row three times every day.

    Every bite of ice cream gives you brain freeze

  4. Every time you go out to eat the waiter has a terrible skin condition so you have to pretend not to notice, while panicking that they might touch your food.

  5. For me, it wondering if you saved your game or not after you’ve done a gaming binge for a while. Also wondering if the police are going to snatch your ass for the dumbest shit.

  6. -All of the ketchup is watery
    -constantly feel like something is crawling on you
    -you pee yourself every time you laugh
    -Everything smells like wet dog
    -The outcome of every TV show and sporting event is told to you before watching it

    1. what the heck. its what the heck. ALSO GO TO SLEEP WHO GETS UP AND LOOKS AT THEIR COMPUTER AT 6:00

  7. Every time you paint your nails, you must do two coats and one dot always gets on your finger.
    Every good game you find out about, you’re always a dollar too poor to afford it.
    Every time you get your period, its totally unexpected and you forget to bring the stuff you need for it, and you dont have many close friends, so you have to akwardly ask a girl in the range of aquaintence to almost friend for a tampon or a pad.

  8. Every building you enter has double-door entries, but only one of them is ever unlocked for no logical reason, and of course you always choose the side that is locked.

  9. Every time you are about to say something, someone else starts saying something right before you do. Every time.

  10. All your neighbors to your side and above decide to listen to dubstep, “Wonderwall” by Oasis, and electro swing exactly at 10PM every night. 10PM is the beginning of “quiet” time.

  11. The only type of candy that exists there is watermelon Club Mix. (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a type of hard candy, and the watermelon flavor literally tastes like the gross white part between the rind and the actual watermelon and nothing else.)

  12. Let me give you all an interesting little lesson on Christian theology for a moment: The idea that Satan has control over Hell is a myth. Not in the Atheist on tumbler way, but in the, “No seriously, read the Bible. Hell was actually built to be Satan’s prison.” Kind of way.

    The Earth is Satan’s current prison and at the end of the world, Hell will be the final location for Himself and everyone who sided with him.

  13. Also, there is no taxonomy on morality when it comes to your final destination. According to the Bible there are no 100% good people, only people who can repent and accept Jesus, and people who won’t. So there would be no “Heck”, as interesting as the concept may be. You’d either be in or out.

    1. Holy shit, you really need to fuck off. Seriously, just grab your own ass and heave yourself out the door. Into the path of an oncoming bus.

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