22 Women Describe the Worst Date They’ve Ever Been On

These women recently used the Whisper app to share their worst dating experiences ever…

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  1. Wow… Is this really how the latest dating generation does things? I guess they don’t make some of us like they used to.
    I blame RAP.

  2. I went on a first date last month with a guy I met on Bumble. The guy showed up at the upscale restaurant wearing one of those gym shirts with the sides cut out. It didn’t have enough surface area to cover both of his nipples at once, so at least one of his little dudes was peeking out at me during the entire meal. He also reeked like sweat and what turned out to be cow entrails. Turns out that “marketing specialist for a beef packing company” actually means line manager at a slaughter house. Someone hooked a cow carcass wrong and the guts spilled all over him. He proudly told me that he had time to go home and shower before the date, but decided that getting his workout in was more important.
    He then tried to invite himself over to my place several times and told me a charming story about how he stole his dog from a nice couple.

  3. My worst date was a blind lunch date. He seemed nice at first, but soon spent the whole time loudly proclaiming that women need to “be put in their place”, and that gay people are destroying America, (ihave a sister and brother that are gay.) He complained about dating and that women don’t get him, and that most women are liars. Then he talked about his favorite book, and spent a LOT of time detailing the rape scene in it. I said my goodbye, and promptly blocked him on my phone. His behavior legit scared me.

    My older sister once had a date where the guy confessed that he’d watched his sister do things with the family dog, and was looking for a wife that was into that. Very few stories I’ve heard top that one.

    1. Wow. What a dick! Mine was gross and weird. Yours was downright terrifying. I’m glad you got out of there. 🙁

    1. Probably because they all say “he” and “guy” and other male pronouns. That seems like a pretty clear indicator.

    2. Because the title says “22 Women Describe the Worst Date They’ve Ever Been On”. So not the most massive assumption really.

  4. I’m disabled in a way that isn’t immediately obvious- parkinsonism. I’m used to people asking if I’m cold or nervous, but this date demanded details. It was a first date, and I was still coming to terms with my diagnosis. Curiosity is one thing, but I repeatedly told him I wasn’t comfortable talking about such personal things with someone I was only beginning to know. At one point when I had redirected the conversation, he grabbed my hand and said, “No. You didn’t answer my question.” I left right then.

    1. That is ridiculous. But, as with all these other anecdotes about actual douchebags, I just feel glad that these guys showed their true colours early on. I feel more sorry for the ones who didnt find out in time

  5. I (male) went on an awesome first date with this lovely, pretty and intelligent doctor. We had dinner and drinks and laughed like the whole time. As the night wrapped up I was dropping her off at home and she asked if I wanted to come inside to meet her dog. I knew I was in. We enter her apartment and this goofy black lab comes up to me and I loose it and just start rolling around on the ground and playing with him for about 20 minutes until she says she has rounds early so I have to go. Guess I missed out but I got to play with a dog!

  6. Why dont these people just leave??? Who gives a fuck? Lifes to short to spend another minute with someone you despise.

      1. Um, this generation is one of the first that doesn’t think every single person needs to get married and have kids. Honestly, all the whining about younger generations is so fucking stupid.

        1. ‘Um, this generation is one of the first that doesn’t think every single person needs to get married and have kids’

          My late great-aunt (who died at the age of 80 about 20 years ago) would have disagreed with you. She never had kids and had a great career and never regretted it. She was one of the first who told me that there is nothing wrong with being a woman who had no interest in having children.

  7. I’m a 17YO male at the time of this story.
    A family friend (through my dad) had a smoking hot daughter. Our fathers thought it would be a good idea for us (she and me) to get together.
    Did the typical movie and dinner with no mishaps. We leave the restaurant. As I open the car door for her she breaks down into a sobbing mess on the sidewalk.
    She wasn’t saying anything, just blubbering. I assured, and re-assured, her that I just wanted to get her home when I told her parents she would be home. Finally got her into the car and drove her home.
    As soon as the car stops she bolts from the car without a word, slams her front door shut, and turns off the porch light.
    Next week her dad informs me that she had been raped the last time she dated (6 months ago), and that he probably should have informed me about it.
    Thanks a lot, dads.

  8. We are too worried about being polite and obeying the rules and ingrained behavior that we’ve been taught. Is it worse to be thought of as a bitch or suffer through awful experiences, even when your brain is screaming at you to leave, in order to remain considered nice?
    We’ve been trained to ignore our instincts in favor of avoiding offending other people. I’m not saying that it’s OK to be rude or mean, but don’t you ever wonder how much time we’ve wasted with awful people because we were worried about what they’d think of us?
    Either that, or we were too stunned by the sheer horror of the situation to remember that we have the ability to choose to leave the situation.

  9. Who the HELL is raising these men who have no manners, no personal hygiene, no idea of how to conduct themselves at all?

  10. Haha! The one with the elephant draw in the background was a picture my aunt drew that she posted of facebook! She still has it, too I believe!

  11. Son, you act civilized and treat a woman with respect. I'm not the only old fashioned dad you might cross. And yes. That is definitely a threat. says:

    As a father of 6 girls (yes 6, yes all with one wife) these stories make my blood boil. There is no excuse for such boorish behavior. Shine, good for you. You got up and left. Blergenderper, no one, especially a woman on a date, is obligated to endure a situation like any of the ones described. You have my permission (I know she doesn’t need my permission. It’s a joke. Don’t reply and tell me I’m being sexist) and encouragement to never allow a man to treat you disrespectfully. You don’t have to be rude. Simply excuse yourself, pay for your meal and leave. You are not obligated to explain or justify your actions. If the jerk brings his mom don’t even sit down. There is no future there. Leave. If he mentions your breasts 1 time before the appetizer arrives, leave. Don’t ask him to stop. Any guy who does that isn’t interested in YOU. Leave. Two of my daughters are still single. Four of them are married to great guys. They do exist. Ladies, don’t settle for a pig. Don’t even give them your time. You are worth too much.

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