19 Bizarre Things Spotted in School Textbooks

School is back in session, which means textbooks are being handed out. Here are a few learning tools that came with a curveball… [via smosh]

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    1. I could see it being used in a textbook that talks about animal breeding, or animal safety in a lab environment. I mean, those are bizarrely specific, but that incident is a good example of what not to do…

    1. Actually, it could. Contaminated food products (particularly dairy) can carry the bacteria that causes scarlet fever.

    2. Scarlet fever is interesting!

      Streptolococcus is a common bacteria, and can cause strep throat, skin rashes, and several other conditions depending on species. There are viruses that specialize in infecting bacteria, bacteriophages, which cause the strep to release toxins. Those toxins are the cause of scarlet fever.

      1. Whoah, I didn’t know that! That actually explains a lot, because I used to get strep throat all the time, but it never developed into scarlet fever, but a friend of mine got strep throat and his did. I always wondered why that was.

  1. That one about resistor colour coding is pretty nasty. This one is at least a bit more classy:

    “Bad Booze Rots Our Young Guts, But Vodka Goes Well”

  2. The stuff about crying and eels come from the same book – a statistics textbook by Andy Field. The book features a fair amount of cats and pics of the writer as a kid, too.

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