10 Illustrations That Every Dog Owner Will Understand

These cute illustrations from Lingvistov are highly relatable for anyone who owns a dog…

10 responses to 10 Illustrations That Every Dog Owner Will Understand

  1. Dog owners claim to be more put together than cat owners, but at least we don’t get a pet with a neurotic need for your attention and approval.

    1. I’ll happily take a need for attention over wasting my entire life on an animal incapable of showing genuine love, loyalty and affection.

    2. I’ve met plenty of cats with a neurotic need for attention and approval, but quite a few also pretend that they don’t. “Just because I spend all day following you around and sitting on your lap doesn’t mean I like you or anything!”

    3. “Hey let me read a post about dogs intended for an audience of dog owners, even though I have nothing but contempt for dogs and their owners, so I can comment about how terrible dogs are and how stupid dog owners are and piss everyone off! God I’m so lonely!”

      Maybe if you didn’t have a cat, you wouldn’t be so starved for attention.

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