21 Lazy People Who Put Forth Absolutely Zero Effort

The subreddit r/NotMyJob is full of people who are quite content with doing the absolute least possible work necessary…

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  1. So grass can grow with no light inside a construction cone but not my yard with water, sunlight and fertilizer? That’s it, I’m putting gas down and lighting a match while standing in the center of my yard.

        1. Traffic cones are translucent so they can be seen at night when a light is put inside them. There would be certainly be enough sunlight passing through the cone for grass to grow.

    1. When that pic first came out, it said the mowing crew had riding mowers and were too lazy to lean over and pick up the cone, so they just drove a tight circle around it.

    1. Exactly. I’d bet money that most of this stuff was done by people who realized something was wrong, but don’t get paid enough to bother bringing it up or doing anything about it.

      I mean, I’ve been there. Once you reach this point of “I hate this job and my boss is an idiot, I don’t get paid enough to do my basic tasks and my boss yells at me when I bring up any concerns. I’ll just leave the dog poop and paint over it. It’s someone else’s job now.”

    2. I’m pretty sure that that line was painted from a vehicle and there’s a good chance the person driving it wasn’t even able to see the poo.

  2. Okay but is that TV partially INSIDE the wall because if so it seems like it took a lot of effort to cut the appropriately-sized hole into the wall and they did a GOOD job.

  3. Hey Jeff, “pleated-jeans dot com” shows the current content but “www.pleated-jeans dot com” starts with “16 Clever Engagement Photoshoots” from Sept 20.

    I can’t be bothered to change my bookmark so I’d much rather enter a comment to complain about it.

  4. Someone took a lot of time and care to cut around the traffic cone, or it is fake.

    Also the clock painted on the post is amazing and I would have this in my house. And I live in an amazing house btw.

  5. I would love to see a movie called Sausage Squad. I picture superheroes running up to sad or distressed people and giving them sausages. “Help, my son is drowning” “Have a bratwurst”

  6. I wonder if those graduate architects got an interview and the interviewer had to google their college, would the interviewer just go “nope, get out.”? XD

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