Awesome Dad Recreates His Daughter’s Modeling Photos

According to Kendel Divarco’s Twitter page, “My parents stayed in Vegas at the same hotel I stayed in for my modeling shoot and…”

12 responses to Awesome Dad Recreates His Daughter’s Modeling Photos

  1. Aren’t we done with these yet?

    How many more rounds of the same gag do we have to endure until this dies back down.

    I swear to fucking christ, the internet is like a five year old telling jokes.

    Most of them are stupid, but heaven help you if you laugh at one joke, because you’ll be hearing it again and again for the next 2 years.

    1. Thank you ! EXACTLY what i was thinking ! Seen this same “joke” at least 50 times. And it wasn’t a funny concept the first time .

    2. I would normally complain that this is a redone bit, but it does seem to go the extra mile being in the exact same locations

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