14 Reasons You Should Never Go to Tumblr for Sex Advice

Tumblr users are a little confused when it comes to sex… [via ebw]











16 responses to 14 Reasons You Should Never Go to Tumblr for Sex Advice

    1. *plays guitar at you super hard while crooning out a sexy melody*
      Baby if this doesn’t make sense, i don’t want to be right

  1. Lesbians are angry all the time because their libidos are not made for initiating sex so when two women date they have very little sex after about a month. It’s call lesbian bed death. That’s their own words too.

    Meanwhile, gay guys are living it up and much happier because that shit’s a buffet.

    Damn, I wish I liked dudes.

  2. A gay couple and lesbian couple are traveling from Chicago to San Francisco. Who gets there first?

    The lesbians, because they go 69 the whole way while the guys are still at home packing their shit.

  3. My boyfriend’s favorite songs are musical parodies that have titles like “I Love Your Boobs” and “The Horny Turtle,” so idk about that last one because if he’s turned on by goofy white dudes playing guitar and singing nonsense then he and I probably need to have a talk.

  4. Someone once told me that men make the same face when playing guitar that they do with having sex and now I can’t watch a guy playing guitar without thinking about that.

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