Funny Pic Dump (10.28.16)


nathan w pyle

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21 responses to Funny Pic Dump (10.28.16)

  1. seriously the best funny pic dump in a year or so. i laughed out loud at like 5 pictures. i don.t know how to make this sound less sarcastic. i liked the other pictures too, i very rarely laugh out loud. it was a good dump. good job.

    1. Why do you people feel the need to rate the content on here?

      No one gives a fuck what you think.

      Go write a Yelp review you fucking narcissist.

      1. Why do you fell like anyone gives a fuck what you think? Take your fist and punch yourself in the face for being a fuckwad. Repeat as many times as necessary to stop being a douche.

    1. Pretty sure a tick is the Nike symbol so they’re getting own brand sports socks and drawing the logo on 🙂
      If you want to return the favour maybe you can explain the wall colour one? Feel like I’m missing something obvious

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