19 Very Important Tumblr Posts About ‘Harry Potter’

Tumblr will never stop talking about ‘Harry Potter’ and that is a good thing…

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    1. I don’t agree with how you said it, but it does also bug me the amount of tumblr users that decide there has to be one character in EVERYTHING who must be trans, even though there’s no evidence at all for it either way.

      Guess it doesn’t affect me, though.

  1. If owls have the same success rate as carrier pigeons then they would crazy reliable.

    And yes, the Slytherins did come to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts. First time back in decades for most.

  2. You’ve directly take this from Buzzfeed… At least say where you got all of these pictures from, instead of claiming them as your own.

    1. And you think Buzz feed doesn’t steal all of those articles from other sites?
      Take a walk around the internet and you’ll find that all clickbait websites just repost from each other constantly.
      Why get mad? Just choose your favorite clickbait website and you’ll be as caught up on all the useless crap as the rest of us.

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