19 Amazingly Bad Fashion Disasters

Some clothes are so awful they actually crossover and become works of bad art. [via acidcow]



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  1. Ok, some of these are understandable, but others are just mean. I.E. Some just make fun of people that have different style tastes or personality. Fuck you judgy mcjudgerson.

    Also, that woman with the clear box looks like she has one of those head immobilizers that protect an injured neck. Maybe that is a cover for the rain?

    1. Yeah. Some of these are definitely ridiculous, but making fun of someone who’s wearing black and white striped dress even though the dress looks totally fine on its own and on that woman just because other things are striped the same way? Fuck that.

      1. yea I’m into both of those. wouldn’t wear the emoji one myself but they’re pop culture symbols, just like peace signs and such. And i agree, the beyonce dress could be considered an art piece.

        1. I like those too! And the flower tracksuit. I would by that in a heartbeat, though I probably wouldn’t wear both the jacket and pants together because I’m not into matching separates. But the jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers or the pants with a tank top or crop top on a lazy day would be cute.

  2. The sandals with the little toes isnt a fashion choice, I too am a sufferer of stubby-little-toe syndrome, and it was many years before I gave up on 99% of warm-weather footwear. It is no laughing matter. Shame.

    1. same. I don’t know why she bought those shoes, but whatever. I gave up on getting sandals online because of my little toes. I think my toes are kinda cute though, i’d rather stubby than long and hobbity.

  3. So many people saying they like that empji dress… I very much dislike it- HOWEVER- that is in large part because I don’t like sheath dresses that are that patterned. I feel like to support that much pattern the dress ought to be more structured- like a fit and flair or even a style similar to a house dress. That, though, like everything in these comments and this post, it’s just an opinion. Also, I would say it does seem the clear cube is for protection of whatever they have on. Seems like it was probably their easiest option to keep everything dry and safe.

  4. leaving aside whether you can judge the fashion choices of others, at least use people who CONSENTED TO HAVING THEIR PHOTOS TAKEN. a whole post of creepshots…. v uncool, imo.

  5. It’s disturbing that so many people feel the need to take photos of people without them knowing, for the sole purpose of judgement and they end up on a website like this like it’s no big deal. There’s a lot of shifty people out there.

  6. The mona lisa socks are too cool to cover them up with non-sandals.

    Also agree with the 2 posts above.

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