12 Times You Didn’t Save

Whenever I feel bad about wasting money, I can cheer myself right back up by wasting some money. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. how are there so many people that are this stupid with money?

    here’s a fun tip – do you need it? No? can you afford never getting that money back? No? THEN DON’T BUY IT!

    1. how are there so many people that are this stupid with internet comedy sites?

      here’s a fun tip – did you find it funny? No? can you afford never getting the time you took to write an angry comment back? No? THEN DON’T WRITE IT!

      People are here to laugh. If you didn’t find it funny, just leave, for god’s sake.

  2. lol. how true. i recently stopped going out for breakfast on weekends, i save 30 bux a weekend, minimum… but feel i’m missing out on the social aspect… but 1500 a year? i’ll take dat

  3. Here’s a great way to save money: Don’t go to college and buy a house instead!

    40% of college students don’t finish a degree and 50% of graduates don’t get a job in their feild.

    So 30% of people benifit from college while 70% are putting themselves in crippling debt for no reason.

    But if you buy a house you built equity and can rent out rooms or support family when needed.

          1. And everyone knows that if you’re a good speller people give you money instead of sass on the internet!!

          2. They are more likely to give you a job if your resume is free of typos, BBQ.

            I know that when I had input on hiring decisions on my last job, I strongly recommended against it because it shows a significant lack of attention to detail and caring about your future. So maybe spelling isn’t so unimportant.

    1. Just be sure to practice smiling while you say “Welcome to McDonald’s” and “”Would you like to supersize that?”

    2. 18 year olds with no savings or assets or life experience can obviously get low-interest mortgages pretty easily and they can obviously pay for all their bills and taxes on their minimum wage salary obviously….great plan! i cant believe people didn’t think of this before

      better plan – go to school locally and live at home. save money on residence but get the education so you can actually work somewhere

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