14 Confused Facebook Posts From Old People

Sure they had an entire life of rich experiences and relationships and still have value as people and so on and so forth. But  for a moment these older folks are reduced to their funny inability to post on Facebook. And that’s good too. [via collegehumor]



9 responses to 14 Confused Facebook Posts From Old People

  1. Old people on Facebook are so confusing. They don’t seem to be this bizarre in real life. Like one of my friends was talking about doing a logo for a dentist and confused about why the dentist wanted this specific item for his logo, and her aunt just replied “I went the dentist the other day!” ??? Okay, so what??

    I think the second-to-last person needs to not be living on their own if they’re so spooked by someone walking by their condo that they can’t enjoy anything anymore. Surely it can’t be a rare occurrence for someone to be walking by their condo?

    1. Pretty harsh talk from someone who came into this world not knowing how to feed or clothe yourself or wipe your own ass. Somebody had to teach you those things, right? All you had to worry about was whether you got your favorite flavored ice cream for dessert. What we have to worry about is bad eyesight, brittle bones, constant physical soreness and pain, medications that have a myriad of side effects we’re never told about until after the fact, technology that changes daily for no good reason, a lack of kind and knowledgeable people to teach us how to use that technology in the way that your friends taught you, getting mugged on the street, and having our houses broken into by ungrateful punks who think being young is an accomplishment, mostly because they don’t know what the word ‘accomplishment’ means.

      1. Wow. I’m pretty sure Maz got it absolutely right and simultaneously destroyed my will to live beyond 50.

        That’s what “accomplishment” means.

        Also, Linda’s answer re.: coffee is perfect.

      2. Please take all this off my Pleated Jeans….got scared….so I did not enjoy it. I will try to enjoy it later. I was all ready to enjoy it until that was said.

    2. What’s your point?

      Old people ARE just as lazy as the young when it comes to learning technology. They have little motivation and want to be spoon fed all of the solutions without ever having to put in the effort of learning how the tech work. Easily confused, impatient, and hostile if the solution doesn’t instantly present itself. They’ve lived a life of being waited on hand and foot, and expect everyone to kiss their wrinkly old asses and worship them because they happened to make it past 70. Congrats dirt farmers. You’ve joined the ranks of the other 100 Billion humans that have ever lived.

      Just turned 50. The old tend to be dicks, just with more wrinkles.

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