14 People Who Got The Wrong Thing

You order one thing, but what you get is entirely out of your hands. You might end up with something like this adorable (and completely useless) lamp. Adorably useless. [via buzzfeed]



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    1. Luke seems like quite an asshole. I assumed the picture was of mold growing on the pizza, but it’s so crowded and out of focus that it could just as easily be a telescopic photo of the moon. The Tesco rep politely apologized for being unable to make it out with any level of certainty. She didn’t deserve such a rude response.

      “Linda do you fucking have eyes?”

      “I don’t know, Luke. Do you fucking have a neurological disorder that prevents you from being able to operate your phone’s camera?”

      Also, why the hell did Luke contact Tesco through Twitter to address this? Why wouldn’t he just go back to the store like any reasonable person who ends up with a defective product? What did he expect them to do? Send a limo to his front door with a new pizza and a formal letter of apology?

      Shit happens, Luke. I’m sorry if you were hungry when you got home from Tesco, but there’s no need to take it out on an innocent party.

    2. I don’t think it’s mold, it looks like it’s just the bare cardboard bottom with greasy residue…so he opened the box and it was empty.

      1. It looks sort of like a piece of moldy ham to me.
        While there is pretty much no doubt that the order was messed up, that picture was hardly clear. It’s not like it was Linda’s fault.

  1. This is probably the third time I’ve seen it on here, but I’m still annoyed at the dumbass with the box of party supplies. That’s not how delivery instructions work, dumbass!

    1. There’s sites out there dedicated to putting you on mailing lists for all sorts of shit.

      My wife loves to get tourist packages and plan elaborate vacations.

      I don’t think it’s going to happen though.

      Not before the cancer takes her.

  2. I’m so done trying to wade through the ads on the mobile platform. Try to scroll past them and they take up the whole screen. I’m not entertained enough to deal with them. Bye!

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