14 of The Best Cat Tweets of 2016

As the year draws to a close, it’s important to take a step back and remember why we’re on this internet thing in the first place. [via sadanduseless]




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  1. We recognize the asshole behavior of our benevolent feline overlords. We’re powerless to stop it.

    Also, cats are all four states of matter. Solid = When they want to sit on something. Liquid = Takes the shape of the container. Gas = Takes the shape of the container, expands to fit. Plasma = mauling your face when you try to give the cat a bath.

    1. Why on earth would anyone try to give a cat a bath, unless it was some extreme poop-related (or otherwise stinky-sticky situation)? Ya deserve what ya get. I have had cats that enjoyed water, but I would still not attempt bathing them without shoulder high welding gloves (and the accompanying mask).

      1. Extreme poop-related situations happen. Cat got into… who knows what last week, and when I came home his entire lower half, along with the floor and most of the furniture, were covered in diarrhea.

        Leather pruning gloves and a thick winter jacket ensured I took only mild physical damage, though I took some psychological damage from how sad his meows were when he realized he couldn’t escape.

      2. Sometimes cats get stuff on them that they either can’t get off themselves, or might make them sick if they try and get it off themselves.

  2. Gas state is when you can not see them: as in they were just here in this room now they are in different room and wailing for you to open the door but you didn’t see them move.

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