23 Pics Dripping in Irony

There’s nothing better than seeing something that directly contradicts itself. [via dumpaday]



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      1. I suppose it’s still ironic in a sense. But, e.g. the picture of several people all wearing shirts that say “Be Different” is funny is you suppose they all just happened to have wandered into camera range while all wearing the same shirt. It would be much less funny if it turned out that it was photoshopped or staged. Like, if the president couldn’t remember the name of his vice president while giving a speech, that would be very funny. But if someone just said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if the president couldn’t remember the name of his vice president while giving a speech”, that wouldn’t be particularly funny.

      1. It actually has a news logo in the corner, indicating that it was in fact ON the news. You are wrong and your ancestors should be ashamed.

      1. Absolutely. It’s a monument to the stupidity of people who think they can ignore God’s commands and that there will be no consequences.

  1. There’s nothing ironic about a “Riverview street” having a view of a river. In fact it might be really close to a river and thus might experience much more flooding than other streets, thereby making it completely expected and thus, not ironic.

    1. But surely you’d agree that now it has *quite* the view of the river… a little too much, some would say!!

    1. No, but you are judgemental as only a 12 year old little shit can be. Does it matter if someone’s been diagnosed? I mean, my diagnosis was based on me saying I was depressed and anxious and the doc agreeing with me. Depression and anxiety and stress are like the flu man, you can pretty much figure it out yourself if that’s your problem.

      Sadly, much harder to treat yourself than the flu.

    2. Yeah, you need to grow the hell up and get a degree in psychology before you can start passing judgement on other people’s mental disorders. Just for info: you’re 12 and know naff all about the world. Sorry

  2. I worked at a hospital and we had a meeting scheduled about getting the flu shot. The morning before the meeting we get a message saying something along the lines of “The presenter has come down with the flu and the meeting will be rescheduled”

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