22 Hilarious Tweets About Kids

Children are supposed to be the future so if they stop being funny little weirdos there’s a problem. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. Okay, I’ve seen the family photo one before, and I’m still at a loss in trying to understand how something like that can happen. Why did the photographer still take the picture, and why is the family not reacting at all? Either that little girl is the world’s stealthiest ninja, or the family invited her to pose with them after she wandered over.

    I just can’t envision a situation in which the kid jumps in front of the camera and strikes a flawless pose at the exact moment that the photographer is clicking the shutter, and before any of the other three people have the time to say, “Who in the Hell is this??”

    1. Wait, I’m still hung up on this.

      The question of how it happens is one thing, but I have a whole other set of questions about what happens after the fact. Which family gets the prints of that image? In this age of tremendous paranoia, I suspect that a lot of people would have a serious problem with a random family taking home pictures of their small child. But provided that they and the studio are cool with it, I would personally love to have a family photo on my wall that includes a random black girl. I’d make up stories about it every time someone came over.

      “Yeah, that was our adopted daughter. We didn’t get buyer’s remorse until after family photo day, but we sent her back like a month later.”

      Conversely, if I was that girl’s parent I’d take similar pleasure in fielding questions about the three random white people standing behind her.

      “Susy lived with the Feldmans for about eight months when she was in kindergarten. They needed an extra dependent on that year’s taxes, and we figured it would be a good learning experience since she was enrolling in an all-white elementary school.”

      1. Haha, have you never met a cute little kid before? They are very good at charming their way into things.
        Here how I imagine it went down.

        The family was taking pictures as normal when the little girl just came up and asked to be in the picture. Kids are not shy and I can definitely see her just walking up and saying “I wanna join”. She’s so cute there’s no way the family would say no, so they all laugh and say “okay sweetie, just one” and took the picture as a throw away to make the cute kid happy. Then when her family found her they were probably embarrassed at their kid for bothering the other family, but the other family would insist it was not a bother which may have led to some very cute bonding over “when our girl was that age” stories and they all had a good laugh at the cute photo that got taken.
        I like to think that the photographer got them both a copy of the picture and they both have it hanging on their walls to this day.

        Also I think if the family was tremendously paranoid the kid probably wouldn’t have wondered off in the first place. Sure kids that age are sneaky, but if the parents really were that crazy that they wouldn’t let a family have a picture of themselves just because their kid was in it then they’d probably have been on a tighter leash. They’re probably just an normal family who thinks this is a funny story.

      2. If I were the white family, I’d hang the photo prominently and just act like everyone questioning it is nuts. If I were the black family, I’d tell everyone the girl is adopted, and that photo is her with her birth family.

    2. How it could happen ? Girl ran over and took a pose. Why thephotographer still took the pic ? Because this situation was cute and funny as smeg. Why the family is not reacting ? If you look closely you see they reacted with an even bigger smile than they had before. Some people funnily enough don’t react to the cutest situation with outrage and shock and imagine both families wanted a copy of this pic. I know i would have.

    3. You’re assuming she photobombed it. Perhaps the little girl walked up and said she wanted to be in the picture and she was so adorable that the family was like, come on! And the photographer thought it was hilarious and cute so he took the picture. Then the girl’s family got her back and did their own pictures and the other family proceeded to take theirs sans little girl.

    4. Both families probably noticed it almost immediately, but took the picture for fun. The photographer might’ve even done it for free just for fun. The few times I’ve taken family portraits, we had a lot of crappy photos and a few good ones and weren’t charged for the crappy ones. You have to admit, it’s pretty adorable.

    5. Why do people seem to be misunderstanding my comment? You’re all telling me that the family probably allowed her to join the picture, which is exactly what I said in my original comment. I’m not assuming that she photobombed the shot; I’m saying that’s what’s implied by the language of the post, where the guy says she “sneaked off and jumped into” another family’s picture. I know that’s almost certainly not what literally happened. I just think it’s funny to imagine that she teleported into the frame without anyone noticing. I rant and over-think things for humorous effect. You know humor? That thing we’re all here for?

      1. I can see how it was done. This happened with my friend’s child. We were all boarding a cruise ship. They take a pic of you as you board. Not everyone opts for it. Others are standing in line to book excursions, get info, etc. Friends were looking at dinner options and their daughter ran and jumped in another couple’s pic. They laughed and let it happen. Photog took pic and all of the pictures are posted later in the week.

      2. “I rant and over-think things for humorous effect.”

        Well, you’re not doing a very good job of it, seeing as no one got that you were trying to be funny.

  2. I’m hoping the kid with no doorknob is just young and not a complete idiot. Because all he would have to do is stick his finger in and pull the slide to the side and voila…the door is open.

    Although if he is an idiot, his brother probably purposely left him there to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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