20 Starter Packs to Get You Going

Almost anything can be summed up by a couple choice objects. And if you’re not sure where you fit in — don’t worry, these handy infographics will show you the way. [via thechive]



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  1. Hello, could anybody help me and tell me what is that wooden looking thing in the “Early 90’s sleepover in the living room”, please?

    1. Clearly someone is not a 90s kid…

      It’s a VHS cabinet. For some reason they were all compress board with that tacky fake-wood wallpaper stuff.

      1. It was in the living room so somebody would always get stuck a) sleeping on it b) sleeping next to it or c) losing/getting something stuck in it

  2. Wow, for once, I actually found every single one of these funny, and actually expelled air from my nose for over half of them! Well done.

    1. Well, if it’s THAT unfunny and crappy here most of the time, why do you keep coming back here ? To whine and complain ? Might I suggest seeking alternative ways to fill your time ? Stamp collecting is fun.

          1. Wow. You must be really passionate about stamps seeing as you replied to my comment in less than two minutes. Good for you. Would you like and award or something?

          2. I know someone selling two chests full of proofs and other stuff… seriously.

            Imgur: PixarPizza if you are interested, they need to go.

  3. I’m so sorry. I am going to need people in the comment section pick sides between so-called “STAMPY MCSTAMPFACE” and me, an average concerned citizen. Please reply saying who you side with. I need to beat this stamp-collecting jerk.

        1. I was stuck for a while but to be frank that could be because I’ve was feeling worthless but all that was before I was delivered. Jesus is my postman

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