‘Home Alone’ With Blood

So long, PG rating…

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  1. I always found the Home Alone movies sick — why people were laughing at a child acting like a dangerous psychopathic murderer never made sense to me.

      1. No, he/she right. You don’t need a stick up your ass to see that it’s a super shitty movie. You just need just the tiniest amount of good taste.

        Really, don’t let nostalgia blind you that much. Crap movies is crap movie no matter how young your were when it came out.

        1. A) just because you (and elagie) don’t like it, doesn’t make it crap
          2) It probably wouldn’t be a Christmas classic that gets played EVERY YEAR if it was that bad
          D) They’re bad guys. Who gives a shit if the kid kills them. He’s a creative little kid that probably doesn’t realize that they’d actually be dead in real life and that he would need months or years of therapy after

          PS: “Crap movies is crap movie” is quite grammatically incorrect

    1. He never acts like a dangerous psychopathic murderer. He’s not going out to hunt down people to kill, or attacking animals or homeless people. He’s a kid that needs to defend himself from two career criminals. At worst, he’s intentionally trying to kill them, BECAUSE THEY’RE BREAKING INTO HIS HOME. It’s self defense, and nobody would miss them

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