The Correct Answer is “Nope” (28 Pics)

Remember that these are only pictures, and you do not have to back away from your computer shaking your head. [via acidcow]



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  1. I actually think that poison garden is really cool. A good way for people to learn about the plants in a save environment- plus then if you ever see them elsewhere you’ll know to stay the hell away. It’s not like they’ve got the giant man eating plant there- at least not in the part open to the public…

    1. I’ve been to that poison garden–it’s in the Alnwick Castle gardens in the UK. And it’s absolutely fascinating.

  2. I grew up in a mid sized town in southern Ontario, the carnival that set up down town every year always had a sketchy tattoo trailer; and it was always fully booked.

    1. Fellow ontarian (ontarioan? Ontarioer? Man, “ontario” looks weird). I have never seen nor heard of anything like that. I bet you’re from like Barrie or something, right?

  3. What the holy hell is going on with the cactus? Did it explode, or are those some sort of terrible creatures that mimic the pieces of a cactus before climbing out of the pot on a multitude of spiny legs in order to colonize a new environment?

      1. I suspect a folding seat fell forward and got impaled by the cactus sitting on the seat. That or aliens have now landed…

        1. Google “jumping cholla” cactus. This may not be the exact species, but it looks like a similar deal: the pods are very loosely attached and the spines are barbed, so any contact detaches the pod and sticks it to your flesh (or car). Those barbs? They make the sines dig deeper, and tear if you pull them out. They are EVIL PLANTS FROM HELL. I stepped on one once and the damned thing dug into my foot through my shoe and needed to be pulled out with pliers.

          1. The cactus is a prickly pear…I’m guessing the car hit a big bump and the flowerpot bounced, impaling the cactus spines/pads into the glovebox and door.

  4. The “Hotel Colon” sounds nice, until you realise the medical definition of a colon is: Colon: The long, coiled, tubelike organ that removes water from digested food. The remaining material, solid waste called stool, moves through the colon to the rectum and leaves the body through the anus. Also known as large bowel and large intestine.

  5. The “H” in “heat in oven before eating” is very obviously shoop’d out. The spacing of the remaining letters is off-center to the second line, but would be even with the “H”

    1. You’re right … but I noticed the serving instructions to the right of “EAT,” showing you how to assemble a crunchy jumbo Hissing Cockroach Burrito. To which, the correct answer is nope!

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