23 Hilarious Tweets About Being A Woman

You can still read these tweets if you’re a guy, just a heads up. [via boredpanda]



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  1. #22: maybe it’s the angle of the picture but those heels look smaller than the holes in the walkway. I would break my neck in those things.

    1. Yeah, I never understood that mentality. Unless she’s mad at herself for lying now that she’s blown the opportunity to discuss it.

    2. I’ve found myself doing this to my bf before, I know it’s stupid and I try not to pull such bullshit now. it’s not like something I would contemplate before doing, it just happened without thinking. I think part of it was hoping he would be concerned enough to be like ‘no really whats wrong’ or something Also sometimes the word ‘mad’ wouldn’t appropriately describe what I was feeling

      1. Yup on both counts. I don’t do it that often now that I’m older but I know that I have previously, even though I knew it was pretty illogical.

  2. A note about the “relatable cat” with its head down: if your cat does this, it may be a sign of abdominal pain (also a symptom of more serious conditions). Please take it to the vet ASAP- don’t stand there and take photos.

    Good post tho mmmm 5/7

  3. I actually saw an episode of a show called Border Security where someone tried to smuggle drugs in feminine hygiene products.

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