25 Perfect Examples of Irony

Usually irony is verbal, but these pictures are irony in action. Use them as slides for your school presentation on irony. [via boredpanda]



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  1. The Escape, 50 Cent, and Gravity pics are really more coincidences than ironic. Unless you think a black fly in your chardonay is ironic.

    1. I’d argue that using an Escape for prisoner transport IS situationally ironic, because nobody should think “Escape” is the name of the perfect type of car for that.
      You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, as long as you can defend it with logical argument.

    2. According to The Oatmeal, the #1 most common usage of irony is as inspiration for annoying arguments about whether or not something is ironic. (see link in username for more detail)

      If I, of all people, regard your internet thread as pointlessly nitpicking and obnoxiously pedantic, you should really consider reexamining your life.

  2. Not sure if you’re purposely missing the point of that image with the Yankees logo, Anonymous . . . since it has nothing to do with the Yankees logo. In case you really don’t know, the “your” in the sticker above it should be “you’re.”

  3. Does anyone else think the “Your in America” sticker is possibly deliberate? Meant to poke fun at the people who make this frequent complaint as it stereotypically comes from those with slightly less education?

  4. oh look at me – I am so ironic, Look at me. look at me. i took a picture with my phone that i can’t live w/o and then posted it to the internet. look how original, unique, and funny I am. why are u looking at me? stop looking at me.

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