24 Funny Wrong Number Texts

One way to avoid being given the wrong number is to just ask for their address. Wait, no. [via ebaumsworld]



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      1. No. Entrapment would be if the cop manipulated the guy into committing the crime. Nothing wrong with surprising someone who accidentally told a cop he was about to commit a crime.

          1. Entrapment is a wonderful movie from the late nineties starring the legendary Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    1. Who the fuck texts a vet office a picture? If it’s listed as a vet office, it’s a landline. Do people really try to text landlines?

  1. I still remember when we used to get telegrams for the wrong people. My sister was told her husband died on the Lusitania. We just laughed, he died the year before of Polio.

    1. I died of Dysentery a few times. Also, a few times from a snake bite. I can’t even begin to guess how many of my oxen died while we were trying to forge rivers. Damn you Oregon Trail.

      1. You mean FORD rivers, not forge. And you should always caulk your wagon unless the river’s only about 6 feet across and 5 feet deep. And if you’re well off enough, just pay for a ferry or an Indian guide.

  2. This post has restored my faith in humor. Thank you.
    The vascular lab, the box of puppies, and Jake from State Farm were my faves. The police K9 was the best picture. That dog needs to find some weed.

  3. That K9 dog is super cute, I’d be pretty psyched if he met me at my eye appointment! Is green slang for marijuana?

  4. I’ve seen most of these, but the dead Dad one was new and funny. I still laugh at some of the old ones. Like the puppies and the Jessica one.

  5. So, that text implies he’s lookin, meaning he’s got none. So… can you be arrested for looking? Unless he like, gave him money or something I think he’d be good. Although I’d still just reschedule my exam.

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