15 Twitter Jokes Everyone Should Read

The only way this week’s tweet list could be any better is if it was wrapped in bacon.

Last Week’s Funny Tweets–>

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    1. He could also be a fan of the water-type pokemon Golduck, but unfortunately one letter wasn’t stuck on properly.

  1. His name is Charles Schulz you uncultured swine, and Charlie Brown canonically just has very fine blond hair and a short haircut.

    1. Whatever nerd. Next you’ll be trying to say that Snoopy was some type of beagle, and the little yellow bird was named after a music festival

    1. It’s like when you sit down at the bar and sigh, and the bartender has already started pouring you your favorite beer.

    2. It’s like when you lie down on your psychiatrist’s couch and sigh, and the doctor has already started writing notes about your sexual inadequacies.

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