25 Shower Thoughts to Occupy Your Mind

Legally, you don’t have to read this post while in the shower. But it’s heavily recommended. [via acidcow]



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  1. Has anyone noticed we haven’t had obvious plant originals here in a really long time? Jeff? Are you OK? Are Derek and Mike holding you captive somewhere?

  2. They’re blessing you ’cause you might be sick/dying. In German, they literally say ‘health’ when you sneeze.

  3. I have friends that match to so many of these…
    The Mr Rogers one: You can bet he isn’t afraid to use a public restroom and goes pee before he leaves to go home, instead of holding it….I can make it, I can make it. Way too many people do this! There is no shame in public restrooms, (as long as they are clean)
    I have a friend (male) who is repulsed by women who pass gas. (He won’t even say fart.) Men fart, women pass gas. You just don’t do it in front of each other. (He’s not a wuss either….as gruff as they come).
    I won’t even start on the history one. It makes me angry sometimes the way people don’t think before they speak.
    And the tooth brushing one. Had to do it—it’s just wrong

  4. Your soul refuses to fly out of your butt (for obvious reasons) but is more than happy to wing its way out your schnoz. Hence the blessing.

    1. Indeed, and they don’t really drive around as much as an ice cream. They set up shop for an entire afternoon usually. Could you imagine if you lived or worked near their location and had to hear the ice cream song all day?

      1. But that’s the damn point, they want the food truck to drive around the neighborhood like an ice cream truck instead of being just basically a restaurant in a parking lot.

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