Funny Pic Dump (7.11.17)


poorly drawn lines


safely endangered

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  1. Fake pizza? I’m more interested in the poster behind it about “TILT!”
    Sounds like a pinball/arcade hang out. We need more of that.

  2. I read the one as “Wifi Wanted”. I think I may need to get away from technology for a while. Now to play Minecraft.

  3. The spoon on the small dog is ingenious.

    The sunburn guy: I feel very very sorry for you, but this is why you wear sunscreen if working outside. A fact “they” probably thought they didn’t need to clarify.

    The 90’s bowling alley is awesome, would totally go there.

  4. If you’re that sensitive to the sun (and even if you’re not) wear a hat and sunblock while working in it.


  5. The car with the huge spoiler is the character “Wingo” from cars. They made real life versions of the cars characters and did a tour to promote Cars 3. still funny though

  6. I am so sick of people putting dogs on motorcycles. You wanna be stupid and put your life at risk, fine. Dogs don’t deserve that.

  7. I just saw that Elk City bird sanctuary sign the other day. I asked my wife what it meant. That we couldn’t shoot birds within city limits? Do people do that? (It is Oklahoma, though.)

  8. I want the opposite of the fake pizza hotline, a company for people with social anxiety that delivers pizza directly to you but doesn’t require any online or real life interaction.

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