This Is Why You Don’t Leave Kids Alone (14 Pics)

It would cost less to just get a baby sitter. [via sadanduseless]



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    1. “Oh no! My TV and floor are ruined! I am wholly ill-equipped to deal with this catastrophe! You’ve ruined my life, little human progeny with no concept of what she is doing!”

    2. LMAO at the people taking this post WAY too seriously. I mean, I want kids and yet everyone I know who has them says not to do it. Must be some strange coincidence……

      1. Having kids is the best if you’re up for it, but it takes thick skin and a very particular kind of selflessness. Some people are willing to embrace that; some aren’t. Some people should have kids; some should not. To each his/her own. This isn’t rocket science.

  1. i dont think the scratched car is real/done by kids.
    the hood seems to high for small children to reach, the sentences are without any mistakes and it it rather difficult for small children to scratch the paint, especially with such precision

    And yea, the people leaving alone their children with buckets of paint pretty much had it coming…what else would you expect to happen?

    1. That was my thought. I can see all of these happening in the length of time it takes to use the bathroom. I’ve taken 90 seconds to go to the bathroom and take my meds to come back and find utter chaos reigning.

  2. jeez- some of these are charming, but house paint or especially shoe polish is toxic and shouldn’t be at kids level

  3. See thing is, children are lightning fucking fast at doing things like this. You turn your back five minutes and there’s a high chance something like this can happen. There’s no amount of kidproofing strong enough to stop them. You can just discipline them so they won’t do it again and try to clean up the mess.
    It’s kind of cute tho.

  4. The mud-puddle kid is great. And also the easiest to clean up out of the lot. Once they get a taste of cold hose-water-shower that’ll be the last time they go taking a mud bath. At least… it was for me when I was little…

  5. Now kids, I’m just gonna leave this open bag of flour, feathers and glue here…and I’m gonna be standing just over there with my iPhone. Okay.

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