18 Times They Definitely Nailed It

You got it totally right the first time. No need to check your work. [via acidcow]



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    1. Looks like one of those dealer plate hanger things. Either that, or it’s the latest in handbag fashion, which begs the question if it’s a knockoff handbag.

      Or maybe it’s a knockoff license plate in a real handbag.

    2. Dealer plate in a plate carrying bag. It’s meant to do exactly what the pic shows, or you can loop the strap into the trunk so that it hangs on the bumper

      1. yeah nothing wrong w/ the plate in the last one. and while i’m here, why the hell do ppl end sentences w/ question marks just so they can portray confusion? stop it

          1. Thanks Anonymous!
            I know what it IS – I don’t need the picture mansplained to me. What I wanted to know is why it’s “funny”.

    1. Why am I thinking that should be put in front of the urinal, and when you miss and urine soaks into the mat, the “IM” becomes visible and super-motivates you to try better next time.

      can’t belv I just typed this million dolla idea on hea for you chodes

  1. Sure is funny how often people on the internet writes notes addressed to “daughter” or “husband” or whatever, instead of using, you know, names. I mean I address stuff to my mom by calling her mom, but I used actual names to refer to my sister and other people I know.

    Almost like all these notes are fake as hell and the people can’t be bothered to just make up a name to use in them.

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