That’s Not How It Works (15 Pics)

You don’t even know how it’s supposed to work, do you? [via dumpaday]



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    1. Well there’s some dumbass vegetarians who don’t consider poultry or fish to be meat. Because only mammals have feelings, I guess.

    1. She’s holding it wrong. The butt of the rifle is supposed to go in the crook of your arm, not on top of your shoulder. If she were to shoot, that eyepiece would smack her in the face, giving her a black eye.

      1. In Ike’s country, that’s also how you save money on going to the dentist to remove rotten front teeth.

    2. She’s not bracing the butt of the gun against anything. If she shoots like that the backfire is going to slam the scope into her face.

  1. Husband: Can we talk about your bush?
    Wife: What about my bush!
    Husband: Don’t you think it’s getting in the way…you know…of me getting in?
    Wife: I’m not getting rid of my bush!!
    Husband sulking

  2. That is weird. The handle on that toilet door is supposed to be on the inside. How are you supposed to get out?

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