Close, But You’re Way Off (21 Pics)

You get an “E” for Effort. [via thechive]



28 responses to Close, But You’re Way Off (21 Pics)

    1. Agreed. I think that particular type is used for escaping to another apartment, in case your access to the hallway is blocked

  1. The two ramps going up the stairs are likely for anyone that has to use a hand truck to move boxes up the stairs for delivery. It’s probably quite useful to them.

  2. I actually wouldn’t mind having the trackpad above the keyboard. On the laptop I use, I’m always accidentally moving or clicking the mouse when I try to type with my clumsy fingers.

    1. I think perhaps it’s from a scandivavian country. Looks like it says 20grams, 24 pieces (of gum in a packet)
      10 kroner (Danish, Norwegian or Swedish) would be about 1,2 – 1,5 dollars, which seems a bit more reasonable for some gum.

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