21 Hilarious Tumblr Comments We’ll Use As A Way To Introduce Our New Commenting System

As some of you have already noticed, today we launched a new commenting system on Pleated Jeans. Yes, it’s different from the old one, which is obviously going to make a few of you more upset than it probably should. And that’s fine. Please use the new commenting system to let us know how upset you are. But also, please consider using these features while you’re at it.

  • Image uploads in the comments. We now allow you to pull images from the post instead of saying “The one with the guy doing the thing” as the set-up for your joke or comment.
  • Upvoting/downvoting of comments. Some of the funniest things we read every day are PJ comments and we want to make sure the best rise to the top. We also want to better gauge what people are liking and not liking so we can adjust what we post. We’re going to try to do a monthly post of the best comments too, so help us out.
  • Live look at other recent comments on popular posts. We thought it would make it easier for everyone to see what others are viewing and commenting on, so right above the comments (and in the comments themselves) we have a real-time display of what people are writing.

We’re also going to be rolling out what we think are exciting changes in the coming weeks, some boring like site speed and design upgrades, and some cool like open submission lists. We hope you enjoy all of it, and if not, again, there’s a new commenting system waiting for you, so get in there, spew your vitriol and upvote yourself.


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15 Of The Best Deals We’re Shamelessly Plugging For Amazon Today

You don’t have the time or patience to poke around Amazon all day looking for cool stuff to buy. And we need money to pay for our billionaire playboy lifestyles. So here are the best deals we could find and shamelessly promote on Pleated Jeans today.

FTC mandated notice: We may receive some portion of the sales made on this list. We’re gonna use it to buy an Emmy. Oh yeah, the award show is fake you just buy those.

1. A horse head squirrel feeder because… yes.

You don’t really need a reason, do you? As a bonus, it’ll really make your mother in law laugh so hard she’ll forget to be passive aggressive to you.

Check it out here!
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23 Tweets I Thought Were Really Funny When I Was Drunk Yesterday

Each week I put my potential drinking problem to work for the fine fans of Pleated Jeans, polishing off an entire bottle of wine while scouring Twitter for some dank Tweets. Here is what was funny, at least at the time.

Oh, and as always, feel free to lecture me about my drinking and/or how some of these aren’t funny in the comments. I probably deserve both.


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45 Kids Who Get An “A” At Getting An “F”

As a man who graduated from college with literally a 2.02 GPA, I’m very much familiar with the art of failing a test. And it is an art! It takes time and practice to go beyond simply not knowing an answer to being creative enough to JUST MAYBE humor your teacher into giving you a D- for being utterly unprepared. These students have clearly put in the time to master that skill…


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