Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.9.12)

When there are free samples at the grocery store:

When someone is wrong, but they insist they are right:

When your test is not multiple choice:

When the doorbell rings and you run to put on pants:

That fake laugh you do when you don’t understand what someone just said to you:

When you see a spider:

When you’re sitting and your feet can’t reach the ground:

When you’re in college and a class gets canceled:

When you predict something and it actually happens:

When you get new shoes:

When someone asks if you can help them move:

When someone tries to teach you how to dance:

When you watch your parents try to use the computer:

When the hand dryer is taking too long so you walk away and do this:

When you fail a test and your parents say, “You’re better than this”:

When you get a new task five minutes before it’s quitting time:

When you finish a really good book series:

When you open the fridge and there is actually something to eat:

When you’re behind someone in a hallway who is walking really slow:

When someone leaves the table and you eat some of their food:

most of these come from hereherehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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5 Responses to Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.9.12)

  1. bilal says:


  2. Acovers says:

    this is the most unfunny page i’ve seen in a while

  3. Bjordan says:

    I loved the refrigerator one. Have no idea what that clip is from, but it’s awesome.

  4. Daniel says:

    Fridge one is called the italian Spiderman

  5. greg says:

    how fucking gay is this shit

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