30 Know-It-Alls Who Think They Know Their History

I’ll be honest, I don’t know enough about history, and how it ties to whatever is happening in today’s world, but I’m also not gonna pretend I know what I’m talking about. That’s how you end up looking really dumb.

The internet is full of know-it-alls, but these people should brush up on their history before they start posting their thoughts online again.

1. Got em!

2. Dear Atheists:

3. Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The

4. Uhh Moment

5. The Deadly Argument For Going Natural

6. “If Masks Were Necessary We Would Have Evolved One By Now”

7. Yeah I Think Native Americans Know More About The Land If They Lived Longer In It (Forgot To Add A Flair)

8. Antivax Logic

9. Irony

10. Wait Hold Up A Sec

11. Failed The History Class

12. Know Your Place

13. Facebook Making Memes Unintentionally

14. Maybe Rethink That Again…Peter

15. “A Bioweapon Against God”

16. Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

17. On Dinosaurs

18. Redefining History

19. Hmmmm

20. Something’s Off Here…

21. You’re Standing Right In Front Of The Best Example In The Whole World That Proves That Walls Don’t Work

22. Numbrs… I Don’t Know What I Say…

23. She Forgot A Very Important Bit Of Information

24. Big Brain Time

25. Picasso Was Alive When Snoop Dogg Was Born

26. Someone Skipped 5th Grade History

27. 1917

28. Absolute Genius

29. The Image They Don’t Want You To See

30. This Is Why The World Has Been Doomed…