17 Revealing Snapshots From Canadian Life

We have nothing but love for our neighbors to the north. The Canadian way of life is noble and majestic, much like the Bald Eagle. Which is not the Canadian National Bird. No one knows what the Canadian National Bird is, so don’t worry about it. The point is, Canada is great and we love them and this is a post about celebrating that Canadian spirit.

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24 Crappy Life Hacks That Won’t Help One Bit

Just in case things were going a bit too smoothly, we’ve got some crappy life hacks to help you fix that problem. Like how often do you go to tell your pals about your day and they just sigh and saying “BORING”, or “Where’s the drama?”. What you need is crappy life hacks. Even something as normal as brushing your teeth can be turned into a bad, interesting experience. Try them for yourselves! (Disclaimer: we are not responsible if you do in fact try them for yourself)

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