50 Responses To Texts From Exes That Are Absolutely Devastating

Is there anything more satisfying than brutally owning an ex? You might be thinking “yeah lots of things” or “that’s very petty” but we’ll see how you feel after reading these epic burns. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, this list is going to feel really good.


No need to speak any more thanks leave a voicemail and I'll delete it ok thx bye

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17 Supposedly Sexy Halloween Costumes Nobody Has Any Business Wearing

Sexy Halloween costumes are inherently ridiculous. Like, come on folks. Halloween is supposed to be for spooks and frights and candy. Looking hot has nothing to do with that. Also, as a hot person you can look hot the entire rest of the year and get away with it. So I implore you: ditch the sexy Halloween costumes and put on a freaking wolf mask. I have to admit though these costumes are sorta scary, but only if you’re afraid of bad fashion.

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