17 Food Rebels Who Subbed Anarchy For Taste

Food rebels are out here pushing the boundaries. What they create is not always tasty, but they’re innovators not chefs. They’re leaving your pedestrian tastes in the dust and creating a new way of life, and you gotta respect that. Even if it just means eating cereal with a fork. But look at it this way: without food rebels we probably would have never discovered cheese. I mean the actual process behind cheese is pretty gross when you thank about it.

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15 Guys Who Are Totally “That Guy”

We all know “That Guy”. Or if we’re not lucky enough to know one personally we can certainly recognize one when we see one. If you’re not sure who I mean, I might be talking about you. Quick test: if you see people point at you and whisper “Hey, what’s with That Guy?” to each other, there’s a good chance you’re That Guy.

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21 Cases of Mild Vandalism To Awaken Your Inner Rebel

Vandalism happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a result of rage, of alienation; it can be a political statement, or even an expression of aesthetic beauty. But sometime’s it’s just funny. These part-time rebels chose vandalism as their way to critique the structural inequality of society (or something), but they also didn’t want to really mess things up. Now that’s the kind of vandalism we can all support.

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