Hi, I’m Jeff Wysaski and I make funny things for a living. Everything you see in the Original Content category of this website was made with my own two hands (and sometimes an elbow or two). Everything else on the site was personally collected by me from the far nethers of the Internet.

Buzzfeed was gracious enough to say I am “one of the funniest people on these here Internet tubes.” Also, my tumblr site was named one of the “30 Must-See Tumblr Blogs” by Time Magazine, one of the “23 Funniest Tumblr Blogs” by Huffington Post, and one of the “90 Best Tumblr Blogs of 2011” by Buzzfeed.

Stuff I have made has been featured on such sites as:

  • The Huffington Post
  • Time Magazine
  • Forbes Online
  • Boing Boing
  • McSweeney’s
  • LA Weekly
  • Gawker
  • Laughing Squid
  • I Can Haz Cheezburger
  • The Daily What
  • Reddit Front Page
  • Buzzfeed Front Page
  • …and many more

I live, breathe and eat the Internet (also, sandwiches). If you have questions or comments, then please don’t hesitate to:

Contact me at: Jeff….at….pleated-jeans.com


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    • Glad you like the site. You can paste my Web address into your favorite blog aggregator. Or, you can click the subscribe icon on the side bar of my homepage.

  1. I hope you are making money off of your wonderful, insightful humor!! The Onion should hire you ASAP!

    • man, I wish I was getting paid. Maybe some day. But for now, your positive comments are all the payment I need.

  2. Pleated jeans?!!! I can’t love that image enough. Great blog title. I’ll be checking in all the time. Not stalking. That would be wrong. Just checking in.

  3. funny stuff!!!! love this site, i added you to my blogroll!! cause maybe the 6 people who visit my blog might want to laugh too…

  4. If your goal is to make me laugh, you can consider yourself a success. Maslow’s Hierarchy of internet needs was pure, unadulterated brilliance. Adding you to my blog role because it would be selfish not to share the laughter.

  5. I hadn’t laughed so much while reading a blog. So hilariously clever. Your blog shook my blues. Good medicine in this blog. Keep spreading the laughs and don’t ever stop writing 🙂


  6. Glad I found you. I blog and I’m always looking for blogs that really make me laugh. You have succeeded with your over the top brilliance. Why can’t we get paid for doing this or for anything else, I might add? I am your fan.

  7. i can’t remember how i found your site, but i’m glad i did. definitely the highlight of my newsfeed. 🙂
    keep it up.

    • I’m actually planning on making t-shirts available soon! As such, I’m gonna have to request that you don’t use my stuff for yourself. But thanks for asking…glad you like them.

  8. What a great collection of media! I love this site, I’m all afrenzied clicking all over the place. I was drawn in from a link from another blog with the chart of the U.S. with the “worst” part about each state. Keep it up man!

  9. Hey. This website rules first of all. And, I remember looking at your 1st – 3rd world problems and laughing to myself, and wondering how long it took you to accomplish that.
    And Today, I found this one of my friend, most upset because of a tiny mistake he made. I was wondering if you could add it to that post or… something like that.


    • ha…thanks. I’ll probably do another of those 1st world problems soon. I’ll keep your link in mind!

  10. I really enjoy your funny maps. Great concept. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Conan, Kimmel, Fallon, etc. try and steal it.

  11. Stumbleupon is freakin’ fantastic to bringing me to this site – I have wasted hours at work laughing to myself and people think I am weird. Genius, I love it! THANK YOU!!

  12. i started following your blog because it’s just so neatly organized! and funny of course, great selections 😀
    quick suggestion 🙂 i was thinking that in the screencaps category, you could mention what movies or shows they’re taken from, i found myself wondering once or twice
    thank you, and keep going!

  13. I absolutely love this site!!! Keep up the great work!! Also, you should set up something as to leaving funny suggestions.

  14. Your daily life in gifs is so amazing! It’s so true. I just went through all of them and was so sad when there was no more to see. Keep up the good, hilarious work!

  15. You’re great! I visit your site everyday and love it! I really appreciate that your humour is just clever, not cruel or offensive like most of the internet. Keep up the hard work!

  16. Dude you are funny, thx for your hard-working. Would you mind solving a question in my head please 🙂 Are you Swedish? I mean, not that wordless Swedish style, but lazy & funny kind as most Swedish are.

  17. I found you on YouTube, then Tumblr being a genius said to add you, then I run into you at the grocery store! Gah! I think all of this is pretty awesome :] Must mean I need some laughter in my life.

  18. Saw one of your comics and was wondering if you lived in Texas (due to the Texas A&M Hat). No need to answer if you don’t feel comfortable… just curious, as I live in Texas.

    Funny story: a long time ago I followed you on tumblr and just thought you were a guy who reblogged this site’s material, not knowing it was actually you. Then once I posted a pun and you messaged me saying something like, “nice pun” (idk it was a long time ago). Just realized that it was actually you a few days ago and I’m freaking out! You are one of my favorite youtubers/tumblrs!

    Anyway, long post is long. Love the content!! Big fan.

    • Hi, I remember you! I grew up in Dallas, but live in Los Angeles now. I go back often for family and Tex-Mex!

  19. I struggle with depression and reading your Tumblr posts (particularly “Tumblr Gets Deep”) is always a consistent way to make me smile and/or laugh. Your sense of humor is awesome.

  20. Greetings,
    I’ve been sharing some of your content through G+, hope you will get a Google account in the near future.
    Thanks for the great content.

  21. Hey, Jeff! I really enjoy your videos! My boyfriend loves your videos as well. I think they’re hilarious and they never fail to make me laugh each time I watch them. I tend to watch them over and over again. Keep up the good work! 😀

  22. Hey Jeff!! Love love love pleated jeans…..your gifs are my favourites here!
    One question though….why pleated jeans?

    Keep doing the great work! Love it

  23. Dude, you are awesome. What did Petco say when you swapped out their Live product tags? How do I know it was Petco, I recognized the SKU numbers.

    Very funny and so well done. Keep up the great work.

  24. I”m in hospital recovering from a serious operation. I found your site by chance. It really cheers me up. Keep it up.

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