Before They Were Famous!

As you likely suspected, Weird Al Yankovic is merely a stage name for the award-winning songwriter. As proven by his birth certificate, the king of parody’s real name is actually Weird Al Jesenovic. He changed it for obvious reasons.

As a teen, Steve Martin worked at a magic shop in Disneyland. It was here that a local magician would eventually divulge to Martin the secret to becoming a successful entertainer – drinking the blood of ogres from an enchanted chalice.

David Cross, Emerson College 1982
David Cross, Emerson College 1982

Like most entertainers, comedian David Cross is a college dropout. He only completed one semester at Emerson College. The time would prove worthwhile, however, for during his short time as a student, David discovered not only his love for sketch comedy, but also a breakthrough vaccine for Ebola Gulf-A.

Reese Witherspoon spent 4 years of her childhood in Germany. The last two of those years, she served as a neighborhood ambassador to Hitler’s Youth Brigade.

Immediately following high school, Will Smith was accepted into MIT. He was all set to pursue a career in engineering, when his mother refused by saying, “No way my son’s going to be riding the rails all day like a common hobo.” The ensuing argument that young Will eventually lost would spark him to scribe the breakthrough hit “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

Did you know that before Drew Barrymore was famous, she was a fetus?

Stephen Colbert grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, though you’d never know it. As a child, he taught himself to suppress his heavy southern accent. Later, he would change the American pronunciation of his last name from “Cole-bert” to a decidedly French “Cole-bear.” Also, his haircut is Bulgarian.

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