How To Find Out If Ghosts Are In Your House

If you want to know if your house is haunted by ghosts, then there are several questions you need to ask yourself to confirm the feeling. By completing this one-way Q and A, you will know if ghosts are in your home once and for all.

Do you often get chills or feel cold in certain areas of your home? Ghosts have incredibly low blood pressure (they’re dead after all). When you feel these cold drafts, you are likely walking right through a ghost! Areas where cold drafts are often reported include near bedroom windows, under air conditioning ducts and in front of the refrigerator.

Is this you? (on right)
Is this you? (on right)

Are you constantly losing your keys, shoes and other things and finding them later in odd places? Ghosts, particularly ghost children, are notorious tricksters and they love to hide personal items and watch you turn the place upside down to find them. However, lost trinkets do not immediately indicate a ghost. In many cases, it is something incredibly more mundane – like a leprechaun, fairy or Bigfoot. Also, if the item being stolen is female undergarments, it’s probably my friend Steve.

Do you hear noises in the middle of the night? If so, then this means that your hearing is normal and ghosts are likely not in your home. However, if you DO NOT hear noises from dusk to dawn and you sleep soundly through the night, then this is almost certainly because a ghost is holding his or her hands over your ears. They do this so their friends can rifle through your stuff without waking you.

Do you see ghosts? If so, then what you are seeing may be ghosts.

Do lamps, furniture or dishes inexplicably move from one location to another? This is likely the result of a ghost. Remember, ghosts have been cooped up in your home for decades or even hundreds of years. Much like a housewife, they get bored easily and begin to think that redecorating is a good way to kill some time. Of course, they are wrong, but if you want that ghost to keep putting out, you’ve got to put up with it.

Do you often feel like you are being watched? Then you probably are. By my friend Steve, who is outside your window waiting for you to go to bed so he can steal your panties.

If you answered “yes” to all, some or none of these questions, then it is safe to say that a ghost is haunting your house. In such cases, you should contact me, Harold Ramis, licensed ghost hunter, to confirm your suspicions. Call me day or night, 24/7. My schedule is pretty wide open these days, so I should pick up on the first ring. If not, leave a message with my mom and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Competitive rates!


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132 responses to How To Find Out If Ghosts Are In Your House

      1. hi im natasha from edmonton alberta . i live in a apt and iv ben there for going on 7 mons and theres ben things happing that i dont know were to start toys going into the bath and keys going missing tv going on by its self knocking on the doors no ones there knocking on the walls my cat going nuts and feeling cold alot when its hot my friends dont want to come in my place cuz they where there when it was going on and iv seen a dark man run from my bathroon and then he was gone and i was in bed and i i feel something going on my bed and seeing there was nothing there and and i was hearing my dad talking to some one and there was nothing there and theres times where i cant breathe i hope some one can help me im not going nuts . well i hope not

        1. Some of those things you said are signs of a ghost but it could also be you being paroniod… have people been talking about ghosts cuz that can get the mind set of it. you could try poring salt in all the threshholds of eery door to try to trap the ghost in a certain area, memerize that area pretty well and then check it once or twice a day for about a week and see if you notice anything diff about the area. if so yes you hae a ghost, a fairly pissed off one at that cuz you trapped it.

        2. what do i think is that ur house must b havin ghosts……dere must b someone else living in ur house before u got settled over here. what my grand ma says is that when a person dies and there is no one there for his cremation he is unable to live the earth and it could also happen that ,the person who died is very close to his house and his love and attraction for his house is forcing him to live in that house and he even don’t want anyone to live in that house…………u must get info abt that house and get clarified who used to live over there
          happy to help u……i’m a 14 year old girl
          and I’ve also experienced the same

        3. Bring a statue of JESUS at home pray with candle and read a single part loudly in your apt.try this will give you result

          1. To whom who has posted,
            If you want to see a real ghost just see yourself in the mirror. You surely find a ghost standing behind you. I have experienced. When I saw myself in the morning I saw a ghost who had a face of mine.

        4. Hi kc ur not going nuts i believe u they want u 2 listen 2 them they cant hurt u my tele goes of by its self my radio goes on and my draws open dont be afraid

        5. Every houseI have live at had a ghost more then 1 or 2 and I here a guy violence outside my bedroom and there was no body there these hose were and still are in LA the State

        6. Every houseI have live at had a ghost more then 1 or 2 and I here a guy violence outside my bedroom and there was no body there these hose were and still are in LA the State and I am like a ghost hunter but I am not I here ghosts all the time now and I have talk with a real Watch about this and she sed I have powers that nobody has its special powers and I talk to domes ghost maybe every day

        7. I had a person die in house his name was denis he is varied in my back yard one time my mom didn’t know he was barid in our yard so she got a rock by Denis barid place and she put it in pur house and it is know hauted

        1. really you cant even look in the mirror the light will go off and she will be behind you and wisper in your ear saying :go go go or he’ll come for you and do to you what he did to his family GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOO !!!! HE WILL GET YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOO .SHE WILL SCREAM UNTILL SOMEONE HERES YOU IN THE BATHROOM SCREAMING PEOPLE WILL THINK YOUR CRAZY UNTILL YOU GO

          1. That is so freaky! Like omg, I’m too scared to do that! I’m only 10 years old guys so I’m so not doing that!

      2. i have many of them at my house your constintly cold and you can see your breath and its the midle of summer and its i live in oregon

    1. My brother in law past way on 26 Dec 2012. After 3 day time house back door was open by self. His son thought the wind that’s why the door was open. He went to near the door his father was standing. That day all night they were hearing someone knocking the door and window.( This is my sister’s house) next day they moved to his son’s place. 4 day time his son, his father in law and his wife’s grandfather all came back to my sister’s house (night) sitting and talking, they were hearing someone throwing the stones on the windows. Old man (grandfather) open the front door and shouting and went to the gate open the gate and see any one there no one on the door. He back to the house he seen white smoke move to bathroom side. Three of them seen some one went to bathroom. They all went to open the bathroom door. Once the open the door was open start all the tiles were moving and water babbling from the tiles. Bathroom was getting wet. They can’t do anything so they close the door went back and waiting house was quit. Few hours later they open the bathroom door father in law stepped in to the bathroom blood all over the bathroom and his legs. They don’t know where is blood came from. Next day morning no blood or anything but the tiles are come off. Still lots of problem in the house. If anyone know any how to solve the problem please let me know. We are really don’t know what to do. We want to move to my sister’s house. Please help us.
      This is not funny. It is true. We are very scared.

      1. o m g ur house is totally haunted !!! try and talk to him or her and try and be brave and do one of those things wid a piceses off papper and ask like who are you? or ask what do u want stuff like that rita xx =D

        1. Hi my flat is haunted in my kitchen as my front room is in the same place and one night i herd a moan like a womans voice and i could smell flowers and i managed to capture some orbs on my phone as well and my front room went really cold and i hear taping and knocking noises when i am trying to get to sleep and the other night i had someone breath in my ear and i am scared and i dont no who to contact thankyou

      2. try praying and then if you do see it whilst its there (or if you can hear it) say”go away in the name of jesus christ!” honestly, it works! 🙂 and good luck!

      3. try to talk to what was doing it ask them if they are good or bad tell them sorry if we scared you be aware of what was doing that if it is bad,if it is good be a social butterfly have nice conversations and DON’T thret to hurt it,
        hope this helps!

  1. i am verry scared that a ghost are in mine and my friends house at my house my big sisters door opens when no one is in thier and my fried heres foot steps in her house she lives next to a cematery and i dont……..

    1. I just moved into a house a few days ago and I slept on the couch the first night but the second time I had yo sleep in my room in the dark cuz I didn’t have a a tv and I still don’t but when I was in the dark alone, someone knocked on my wall and said my name over and over then I say up and my bathroom door opened and then shut very fast and I’m stairs so I’m kinda far from my parents and I’m clumsy so if I ran down the stairs I would fall and be doomed.

      PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
      Thx Mackenzie ❤️

    1. Like wow I have the samething but its worst and I got pulled out of my bed and there was none body home but me and my friend we were in the same room but she was asleep!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hire Chuck Norris, he kicks arse and besides if you don’t he’ll round house kick you until you do pay him by that time he’ll be really really mad at you and just take your money walking away with his pimp cane.

  3. When I am sleeping i here people talking and there is no one there, the I get the cold in one spot in my room, and the worst thing once when I was sleeping I felt someone holding my mouth shut and there was no one there.

      1. that happened to me no need to worry my tv used to do that. put salt around it when it has not happened for an hour to 24

  4. Like this one time about 4 years ago it was in 07 n me n my mom were kind of like playing around. At that time my grandpa had passed away about 4 months prior to that.and him and I were perty close. From what my mom tells me he would ask about me a lot before he passed away.I was incarserated at that time n I wasent able to see him whwn he passed n,way back to the day my mother and I were playing around talking smack to each other jocking around and I had maid a comment about my mother n I were by our selfs in the living room my older sister was in the bed room when I made this comment at wich. Point my mother walks out side to the yard to check on some close she had washed minutes earlyer well as soon as my mother whent outside I felt somebody grabed me by the waist kind of like scrached me.I look back riteaway n there was noone there I fricken freeked out

  5. Ok, so what should I really do, I feel like Someone is always following me and watching me, and my house was built in like the 1950’s or something

  6. i talk to ghosts and can see them. they tell me aboout there past life and help me with things like leading me towards a object i misplaced or turn the tv off/on.

    1. i live with my uncle and aunt in pell city alabama and i have had some items lost, i lost a pack of playing cards and now a flashlight, i had the light setting beside my computer and got up to go to the restroom and i come back and its gone i checked everywhere but i had it if it fell it wouldnt roll off the table so someone had to pick it up, the cards i think i put them on my table and now i cant find them and its been a while since i lost them, also today the tv remote went missing to and the tv turned on 3 times and the volume went up and the channels changed. plus the dogs keep whinning and growling at something.

    2. Ok so I don’t know you, but I think you may know how to answer this,
      I moved to this house two months ago I think,
      And ever since, I’m seeing that white ghost that looks like someone who is wearing a white blanket from it’s head to it’s feet,
      It always keeps like two meters of a distance between us, and it appears for few seconds suddenly then when I look at it directly it disappears, so can you tell me what does this mean?

  7. We, my wife and I have lived in our home for three years, I know we have ghost animals in our house. We think from our passed away cat Fritz, his ashes are here, but when alive he had never been here. We see him almost on a day to day, we also have another male cat Fritzie, who goes crazy most of the day, running jumping banging into walls actually runs along our vertical walls, jumps up in the air while trying to catch something while screaming….all almost all day and all hours of the night. I have the ashes of my late twin brother Joseph in the house, but I have never seen him. Wish I could. Anyway, our house feels like a fun house with all of the goings on… What can I do?

  8. i hear knocking on my walls between my brothers wall and mine hes 28 of course hes possibly not as worried its a very old house and we just moved weve been here for about a half a month my brother woke up two nights ago and said he heard rattling papers and saw a shadow go left then right then dissapeared i saw a soldier or somthing shadow and the knocking is up high on my window too but my window is up high no body could reach it one day it happens to me one day it happens to my brother never in any other room just our rooms and it mostly happens the night that my friend leaves after spending the night i feel like im being watched !!!!am i crazy or is this real???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Alexis, that knocking on on the wall between your brother and your bedroom isnt a ghost. it is your 28 year old still living with mom and dad brother beating off in his bed cause he cant get a girlfriend.

  9. i also have 3 dead grandfathers but only my real ones ashes could they be trying to get my attention?
    (. . )
    ( ) < …….BOOO!!!!!!!!!!)
    { }

    1. My grandma died and i have her ashes. i have the same question is she trying to get my attention? idk if its her but i know theres a ghost in my ant’s house and my house. and my Step cousin Dominic house.

  10. ok idk if this is a huanting but my lil sis has a gosht bff (not joking) she is 12 years old and in the the early 1900s she died of yellow fever in her sleep she somthimes plays jokes on you like she is right now on me i can sleep cuz i think shes wating me?! but most of the time if she knows ou know about her she dosent show her slef much shes afairde that some one will send her to heaven or hell and she dosent want that im not saying i want my house checked out but plz if any one knows what to do plz tell me! cuz im afraid to sleep right now!

  11. I am already dead.I died on 1997 sep 29. But my blood pressure is still high. Please close this nonsense website and don’t make people fool otherwise i am a deaddlist ghost and i can do anything.

      1. Napolion, my corgi, died of a tumor and after i got home, i saw him. He looked at me. Then he dissapeared in a mist. was this real or an illusion?

  12. Hi! In my house I have a little girl ghost and I have seen her 1 time and my dada has seen her 2 times. She wears a whit dress with pink and green and white ribbons hanging off. She allso has this thing around her head with the same ribbons hanging down

  13. there is a old man ghost in our apartment and he just wont leave us alone me and my kusin had two flash lights and one was yes and the other one was no so we ask if he was nice he said no so i ask him if he was mean he said no so i ask him if he was fiorious he said at you know

  14. Well it all started when I was in my room at night and I saw a black figure in the bathroom witch is directly facing my room! Then I heard whispering in my ear saying…..”HELP HELP, HELP ME PLEASE!” This was the black figure speaking to me but then at the end of my bed I saw a white figure, a little girl in a plain white dress with two pig-tails in her hair along with ted ribbons. She never speaks to me much but she smiles at me all the time and protects me! I saw the black figure the other day, in the corner of my eye and then the white figure came to get rid of it and when I looked properly it was gone and all I would see is the little girl guarding me……… The point is never be afraid! I see spirits and I talk to them….I write lets to them and they reaplie however her are some tips of seeing is you have ghosts/spirits in your house…….
    1. You will her strange noises
    2. You with sense someone following you
    3. This will disserpeer and reappear out of the blue
    4. You will hear voices in your ear

    Hope this all help…….. ❤

  15. hi i think my dads house is haunted,its very cold in my room and on the landing.a few years ago,my mum was coming out the bathroom and she seen the ghost of the woman who used to live in the house but she mum seen her again a year lator.i feel like shes always watching me in my room and i always hear noises on the landing upstairs can someone help me
    my dad dosent believe that there is a ghost,he scits me because iam scared.when iam in the bathroom,the door always opens by itself.freaky shit happening.
    any advice?????

  16. Its been 3 years ive lived in this house with my family and it seems like everyday we stay at the house things get weirder. like toys is going on my brothers desk and i hear foot steps when i sleep somewhere else other thanmy room. 2 straight nights i slept all the way til my arlam clock ring and thats not normal because i always wake up at 2 or 3 am but never sleep right throught and it its not that im tired or anything its just like what you said its covering my ears. i see a ghost every inch i look and it dosent bother my brothers but it somehow won’t leave me alone i have no clue why and i don’t know what to do.

  17. Today I was sitting, watching tv then suddenly the fan, which was switched off for more than one hour suddenly switched on. Please anyone telle is that a act by ghost or something releated by science. Plz plz plz

  18. Basicly me and my friend was having a sleepover and we went to he batroom and I went to open the door and no joke the door flew open and we both heard a growl !!! So we ran back into her bedroom and my friend flew into the wordrobe and became unconsious for 10 seconds and btw everyonw was totaly asleep so that was sooo scary :/ : :0

  19. hello…plz dont belive all these..there is all are strong and belive in yur self..then all will be alright!!

  20. you should put 2 candles up light them or something hide a cam corder in the exact position facing the candles place objects near there in a position and see if the objects have moved by the morning 🙂 lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. it sounds stupid but my darts fall off the board one after eachother O.O and In the middle of the night I hear like people smashing plates and glass down stairs and everyone is in bed :O

  22. I have many ghosts. Alice – my room, Allen- my backyard, Jonah- my backyard, Thomas- my hallway, a woman in my living room, three people in my mom’s room, my papa with me, my grandma with my whole family (different parents) and 3 people in my parents room a woman in my living room

  23. I have seen a ghost in my house my step mom and felt her sister has both seen the same ghost but in a different house I went there recently And I had a sat on it and I felt a draft then i felt something breathtaking on the back of my neck I think it followed me contact me my number is 848-333-0477

  24. I went upstairs to use the toilet it was quiet but as i went back down i heard a noise i turned on the light and my shower was going off by its self all the red lights were showing i heard a voice

  25. we had strange things happening doors opining on there own knocking walking why no one is home. (This morning )1/5/2014/ 10:30 am my dad me mom and nice were eating the garibge top had flew off of 3 ft away from the kithen table and also more true ghost stories . So i just want to know if there really ghost in the house he is known AS

  26. OMG, I’m so scared because same thing is happening and today there was a scratch that said your next and had a house next to it and none of my family did it!

  27. When my mom and dad go to drop off my sister at work and i stay home and wish they well herry ul and get here.So if they go somewhere and ill ask if i can go ay or visit.

    when I’m sitting in the living room yesterday i felt someone staring ar me and talking to me and that day my sister was tiyed up and she had her nosis pluged and she was crying so i got down and untied her i felt someone ataring I’m FUCKING scares i was like FUCK thia


  29. hi, i think i have seen glimpses of apparitions in my home outside but….i felt hot near my ankles, i smelt jasmine many times, i saw someone around me , i feel weight on my when asleep, i scream to wke up, i hear whispers sometimes…but never took photos of it…u think its crazy or really i have seen a ghost???????

  30. I have 7 ghost In my house and they bother me 6 times a week. I know where they are but im too afraid to see them with my eyes so I have my blanket over my head and I can see there shadows with my blanket. There is this one ghost that always get on my nerves, when im on one side of the bed it always lays on the other and when I have my back turned to it it starts to poke my back and the rest of the ghosts start coming in my room and when they do I hear a very loud and irritating wooden bang on my wooden floor when they come in the door and I can also hear them outside the door

  31. I have a ghost I be up by myself and I hear like little footsteps and then the front door will open and then it will close and then the basement door will do it I’m only 12 but i know I’m not tripin and then I will hear talking and then a yell I be scared

  32. I have 3 ghost in my house my son seen 2 I seen only 2the man won’t let me see him but he protects me from any harm that would come my way and I here his voice I think my son saw the man he said he saw like a white mist in his room and his feet got cold he ran down the steps like he saw a ghost I have a little girl ghost she likes to trick everybody then the lady I think she gets mad alot and she is scary us all of

  33. Hi!
    from last week, the light of my house is being switch – off in midnight. i want to know whether it is a paranormal activity or not. what message did ghost gives to us.

  34. I have what I think is a demon in my how’s well I think it’s attatched to me I could write forever explaining this but real quick it choked me 4 times in one night 3 days ago and the 5th time it actually pulled me away from my wife and 1 year old my wife’s prego with twins and this thing choked me while pulling me all the way down the hallway of my home I thought it was a ghost before physical contact due to just knocking 3 times and tons of other noises occur footsteps howling growls etc… But I’ve had my house cleansed to priest experts and not much but time passes before it causes us both to fight like crazy. Every encounter only three have physically happened I’ve been bone chilling teeth shattering shivering like ice cold and always at 4 am sometimes 4-418 I’ve noticed but it cracked my rib by tossing me so hard and slammed me into the wall in front of my family witnessing it. So I know im not crazy I’m scared I feel it around me almost all day it causes my wife to feel no emotion specifically when it has hurt me so I worry it’s not really me it’s after I’m afraid to mention who or say out loud because it frightens me to wonder if it’s trying to get innocent children better me hurt then them but it’s been 2 days now I woke up at 4 again I went and sleept at my moms last night I was a U.S. Marine nothing physical scares me and I’m terrified. I have buckets of examples someone help me this is no prank. I may regret this but my phone number is 860-391-3424. It drains my batteries turns my tv on n off blows my lights over night soaks up energy from my appliances or just when it makes us fight with one another but I have kids on the way I need real help someone point me in the right direction! Please sincerely tom

  35. What if u see a girl with black hair in her face and her head leaned forward and she’s wearing all black in the night in ur house going to a room

  36. Hi , I don’t see things being taken or anything but I used to see a shadow shaped like a man every night but its gone now and I always hear weird sounds in my room ? But nowhere else

  37. Emily you are ignorant. First of all your on a sight that talks about spirits. And then u talk about jesus Christ sfter saying Fuck

  38. For the past several years I’ve been living on my own home where my parents died after18 years they past away strange occurs have been happening when I sleep I hear ghosts inside my parents house which I never had experience before it all happen last year of June I used a hearaid device that allows to hear strange noises at night when I go to sleep my experience is a bit more stranger not because of noises no this is more dangerous myincounters are vary real never heard or seen before there called harvesters a group

    1. Harvesters a group mass pulsating veins pitch black muscle and flesh mind controlling characters who can’t be killed they feed off human fear that know your past present and beyond your worse nightmares vary integrating once they see you they have there next target it may sound kind of like a story but it’s not this is vary real it my scare you just adviced shadows that really come in motion nojoke?

  39. Hey my name is Sam sims and I keep hearing this down the basement and in my room and one of the ghost is mean and it said it will kill me and I heard that down the basement amd my dog was acting weird his eyes were glowing and it was attacking me and it was so scary. What should I do?

  40. Uhhmm so,, like a jear ago I called up a ghost with a ouja board and I saw terrible things and then jt was gone, a year later. I feel the seem and im scared of it wil comeback what should I do

  41. I have been living in my house for almost six years and I checked my home security cameras and I noticed that I seen images around my sons room , I showed my husband and he says that’s people aka spirits ghosts. I was so scared that I took my kids and I left. I came home when my husband got off work and I checked the cameras while I was gone and I seen nothing. Then the next night I watched the cameras from the previous night and I seen a woman, little girl, and a man . jus walking around my sons room. Lady was reading the little girl a book , they were fighting and u could see all of this plain as day on my security cameras. The next morning I watched cameras again and I haven’t seen anything. I don’t know who this family is, or y after six years, y are they jus randomly appeared in my sons room, what do they want? How do I get them to leave. They don’t try to hurt anyone. My kids play in the room all the time with the family in there and they aren’t fazed by anything …the spirits jus run when they come in the room, then when my kids leave the room then the spirits come back and carry on….this is scary and I want answers….please help…..

  42. I was getting ready to ride my bike in my garage and all of the sudden all these hangers fall off the shelf and remember I am only 11 and I also had sirens on my bike and they would not turn off so I ran for my life I am still scared to oven sleep in my room why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. This was the day before yesterday……so I was by my tablet and it wasn’t plugged in our anything it was fully charged and it randomly turned on…..I didn’t touch it either….then after that I was doing the dishes and I wasn’t looking at the fosset and it was moving on its own. Then last night I was laying on my bed on my side, checking my phone and I felt a metal bar hit my back….I don’t know what to….

  44. So me and my cousin were in the basement in our grandparents house we felt things and saw things and we set something on the ground in a circle then we left when we came back it was a few inches away from the circle and no one else can go down there! Do ya’ll really thing its a ghost?

  45. when my brother was about 4 or 3 he seen a ghost and he remembers it clear as day and she was above his fan in his room he can describe it perfectly till this day and he is 17 now he said this ¨she had black hair or really dark brown hair wore a white nightgown and had pail skin but no like grey pail white like a pail person. A year ago my girl friend saw the exact same thing. A few weeks ago i had a dream and it was about a white nightgown on my brothers door and every day it got bloodier and bloodier until it came alive and showed the exact same thing my brother described and chased me. I know for a fact that there is a ghost in my house named suzey and i think sue protects me from the white gown girl but i wanna know if the white gowned girl is good or bad or trying to tell me something because when my gf seen her i didnt even know her yet is that what brought us together? if you have any clue about this ghost in the night gown let me know @ 8643618397

  46. I’m perplexed….I purchased my home roughly a year and a half ago. I bought it from 3 children, all in their 60’s, who got it from their mother who passed over a year prior to that. In the first 3 months my water heater which is in my attic somehow was adjusted to colder temperatures which meant hot water ran out rather quickly. I am the one who put the adjusted temperature on the hottest setting and to do so requires turning a knob to the desired setting, which is difficult to do. I was perplexed on how that happened but ignored it. Six months later, it happened again. Things of my daughters have been moved or misplaced. Finally, just a couple of days ago…I have a restroom just outside of the kitchen that the handle broke on last month but I never got around to fixing it, the other morning, my youngest daughter said dad, come here, there’s no water in the toilet. I discovered that the water flow valve was turned off. That blew my mind, how in the world could that happen?! That knob is very difficult to turn and no one else was in the house.

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