The Top Reasons Bank Robbers Get Caught

  • Wheelman refuses to take off his “I Robbed Chase Bank and All I Got Was All Their Money” t-shirt
  • After receiving the loot, robber immediately hands it back to the teller and requests a deposit
  • Pantyhose masks find their way into everyday wardrobe rotation
  • Teller ignores the “Honor System,” calls the police anyway
  • The “More Money” button the leader keeps pushing turns out to be the silent alarm
  • Robbers think a RadioShack price scanner is the same as a RadioShack police scanner
  • Photos taken for the commemorative scrapbook find their way onto the nightly news
  • Inside man thinks scouting the bank involves selling Samoas and Thin Mints to co-workers
  • The getaway vehicle is a Big Wheel tricycle
  • Despite a trigger-happy gunman, hostages fail to be subdued by the Super Soaker water pistol


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