How To Find Your Spirit Animal

Everyone loves animals. Some more than others. No matter what your specific degree of affection for the animal world, every human on earth has an animal spirit guide (except for Cubans). Animal spirit guides, also called power animals, animal totems and fuzzy buddies, are animals that are spiritually and emotionally connected to us.

mpp0321-wolf-moonDifferent people have different animal spirit guides. The type of animal that walks in your shadow (not literally) bestows upon you unique natural powers that may help you adapt to new surrounding, become leader of the pack, or bite the heads off of all of those who oppose you (literally).

Chances are, you have already thought of an animal that you want to be your animal guide (it’s a shark, right?). Well, think again, buddy, because I’ve got news for you – you don’t choose your animal spirit guide. It chooses you! You can’t just say, “Wow, sharks are so cool! I want to be just like them – dominant, cunning and completely hairless.”

That’s just not how it works. Unfortunately, you have to wait for your spirit animal to come to you. Luckily, there are a couple ways to bait your spirit animal out of hiding so that it will reveal itself to you. According to the Native Americans, the first to harness the power of spirit animals, there are two ways to effectively find your animal spirit guide:

The most ideal way to find your spirit animal guide is through intense meditation. Start by journeying deep into the forest, desert or produce section of your grocery store. Then, draw a circle around you and bless the area with a sacred medicine, such as healing sage, soothing mint leaves or tough actin’ Tinactin. Sit in the middle of the circle and meditate. Breathe deeply, in and out. Clear your mind completely and open your heart.

After a period of time – from several hours to several days – you will hear something. It is your spirit animal coming to greet you (or possibly the produce manager telling you the store is closing). Your spirit animal will speak with you. However, unless you speak Wolf (or whatever) you won’t understand a thing the animal is saying. That is okay, though, because you have found your spirit animal and soon it will teach you how to speak in howls, meows, chirps or ca-caws so that it may guide you in your daily life.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like meditating, you can probably just open up a zoology book or something and stop on a random page. Then, you could pick the animal on that page that you like the best, and maybe that can be your animal spirit guide.

Once you have found your spirit animal, it is important to connect with it so that it can more easily guide your path. Learn everything you can about it – what it eats, special skills, life cycles, its baby making process, etc. Then, find ways to honor and get close to your spirit animal in the physical world. For example, if your animal is a forest creature, go camping and gain reverence for the forest. Or, if your animal is a bird, build a nest out of twigs and stones and put it in a tree. Then, sit in the nest for a few days (naked), grooming yourself with a papier mache beak and incubating the eggs you bought from the supermarket.

After you gain a better understanding of your spirit animal, it will help guide you spiritually, mentally and sexually. Eventually, you will achieve your full potential and you and your spirit animal will become one. At such a time, you will transform into a superior half-man, half beast transmorph that possesses the power to both drive a car AND rip the flesh from an antelope through sheer force.

Just as Mother Nature intended.


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94 responses to How To Find Your Spirit Animal

    1. really?!?! I have a friend who says that most spirits lie in the stomach 😛 your cat (oh the cat) must have sensed your inner spirit ^-^ !

  1. The cat is a messenger, and it is telling you to STAY AWAKE during meditation. I apologize, this is likely my fault. I should have been more clear in my instructions – do not take your bed with you into the jungle, desert or produce department. It may be more comfortable, but it invites items of failure such as sleep and house cats.

  2. Hahahaha! This was so funny!
    There’s no way in hell I’m meditating.
    And I guess I wouldn’t open a random book
    either. Hahaha! “helps you sexually”
    So what if you’re a black widow spider 😉

  3. I dont have any forests around, or deserts, and why in the world would somebody sit down on the floor in a store??!! can i just like sit on the floor in my room and do all that in my head?

    1. I agree. I was disappointed to read the ‘jokes’. I came onto this site with intentions to learn from it, but it’s hard to take seriously when it doesn’t seem to have been serious at all. Sorry, but this seemed more like a bad joke than an informative ‘how to’ on the matter. I’m not taking anything from this.

  4. I wish I had the time to meditate. What I’m hoping mine will be is either a deer or elk. But I think these methods would be the best way. Maybe my back path would work…

  5. i do usaly meditate in my room or in my back yard and sure enough I find my self rather lazy and surrounded by stray cats around my house,wow.

  6. I might try this, if I have time. My friend wants to take me camping, as I haven’t before, so I think that will be a good time. I sure hope it’s a wolf! Oh, and one thing, how many cats do you even HAVE in you guys’ neighborhoods?

  7. ok so i just did it and i was in this dark creepy house and some womans hand reached out to me and her hand looked like it was dyeing and as soon as i went to push it away the hand was gone then i walked outside the house and theres a house on fire i go to it and i stand there and look at the house burn as im watching it i hear a snake hiss then a wolf jumps out of a bush and looks at me and disapeers so i think im a wolf idk

    1. Um, i dont want to be mean, but, a lot of people like and love wolves and they CHOOSE their animal guide to be a wolf. you need to either see it in a dream or by meditating.

  8. I am native american and the true way to find your spirit animal is to become one with the natural world around you, such as listening to a creek, wind in the trees, the flapping of birds wings. and not be distracted by the modern world. only when you can connect with nature will your animal be revealed, and the animal that comes to you may simply be a temporary guide to help you thru whatever your crisis, and your true spirit animal may present itself later on, my spirit guide is coyote, he appears not just when i call on him for help but when i need him, such as looking out in the pasture and seeing a lone coyote staring back at me, when never seeing one there before. you have to keep your eyes and mind open when searching and listening to your spirit animal because you never know when they will appear.

  9. Worked, last night I heard wolves baying, then I went outside and there was a wolf in the backyard. It just looked at me and walked up to me like it wanted to take me somewhere, then it vanished. So, mine is wolf.

  10. So everytime I try to meditate and sit down and wait. My mind travels and many things happen like my imagination is out of control what would I do about that? I most often have times where real life expierences mixed in with fragments of my mind and changing it around. Is it I am not consintraiting enough or something?

  11. i found my spirit animal in my dream. i didnt even try. it came along with my protector, which is an angel of darkness. the angel had a blade and it scratched my back. later, i had scratches on my neck. i woke up and they were there. the blade was blue and had black crosses. what does this mean?????!!!!

  12. Now what if you have several different animals come to you together, when they are not naturally together? Like a wolf, a horse and a tiger together surrounding you in peace, watching and protecting you as you connect with them with invisible ties.

    1. you have 9 spirit guides which each teach and show a different leeson, the one that stays you through out your life is you power spirit, then there the messenger spirit, the directional spirit etc, and they change once youve learnt there lesson and no longer need them

  13. I always see Some sort of deer in my dreams… Usually a big Buck followed by a Fawn, maybe that’s it 😀

  14. I live in the urban area, is there another way to meditate in nature without leaving the city because im not allowed

  15. I went to sleep one night and here is what was in my dream. I was somewhere i didnt rcconize it was like a mixture of the rainforest and the dessert then a owl jumped then a hole caved in when a yellow glowing org cam from nowhere said “you are going to go down the right path and dont” right there my freakin brother woke me up for school and i never met this strange orb again what does he mean after dont please help or answer i never met my spirit animal i tried medatating but never seen him again

  16. i see many animals in my dreams and when i meditate i see wolves and eagles mainly but i live in florida where no wolf or eagle take home at so i believe its either a wolf or eagle for me also one time i meditated for an hour outside my house and in this state i heard howling and dragons around me when i awoke from the spirit world i was in my bedroom on the floor rather the porch i was at meditating what does this all mean please help.

  17. I always dream of cats… and my neighbor’s cat is always staring at me. And i twice i found it in my room. it cannot be my spirit animal as am so scared of cats… of all the domestic animal/pet i hate cats and so scared of them… and still it always follow me.

  18. Tiger or Wolf
    It is weird for me, I am stuck between cats and dogs by that I mean big cats Tigers and Wolves. I have been dreaming I am in their form at different intervals…tonight I am a wolf and tomorrow night, I am a tiger. lol. Does that mean one can have two spiritual animal?

  19. Haha. I don’t really appreciate the jokes… Oh well. Well, this woman who lives near me and she is a very nice lady but she is SUPER spiritual. she truly believes with a passion that she is a witch. And I hate to say it but I really believe her! Her and my mom always have talks about the spiritual and supernatural world. But the amazing part of this is that one day when I was coming back from school she yelled at me from across the street. Im not going to lie but she really scared me! She yelled at me that my spirit is Of a hawk. I had no idea what she was talking about so I went over to talk to her. She explained to me how she had been watching me and that my spirit is bound to that of a hawk. 🙂

  20. I’ve dreamed often of wolves, but as I attempted to locate my spirit animal, I encountered a Stallion-Mustang.
    You all seem so knowledgeable. How do I differentiate and identify which animal is telling me what and who is who?

  21. Im searching for my spirit animal, I had a friend read my spirit animal and it’s a tiger. I have many moments where i think it may be trying to contact me but yet i havent seen her. Ive tried the meditation but its kinda hard when u hide it from two sisters who don’t know ur wiccan:/ someone plz tell me how i can meet my spirit animal other than meditation and dreams.

  22. I want to know my spiritual animal.. I know when i was little i would sit in the den and watch my dogs sleep and i would see a few white doves…(this is when i was in Jacksonville).. But when i moved back to Cincinnati i would walk home from school and out the blue would see a deer..everytime when I’m outside by myself…. so I’m hoping one day to know mines for family always told me that i was protected , but what….?

  23. Guys i rly need you help i meditated almost 2 days straight i am dehydrated and im rly hungry. However i did find my spiritual animal but i just cant identify it. Who should i call for help?

  24. Jokes are great, sure, but when you diss someone’s heritage, culture, or beliefs just because you are of the opinion that they’re bogus, you’ve got to get over yourself.

  25. Are you joking about the building a nest and sitting on eggs naked part? Thats a bit strange.
    Anyway, recently I had a dream where an owl (great gray owl) flew towards me. So I guess mine is the owl yey! Im not sure though. How do you actually meditate?

  26. I don’t understand I had a dream of a eagle but something was off the I was in the eagles nest and like we were talking in some way then the eagle became angry. I then woke up to see a raven in the middle of town starring me town. I didnt think anything of it until I remembered a week ago I saw a wounded dove covered in blood out of the corner of my eye. But when I took a second look nothing was there. I know doves arent really in spirit animal beliefs but I get the chills thinking its all a bad omen. To make things weirder I don’t dream at night and until then, it was the first time I dreampt in over a year.

    1. It had nothing to do with your animal. It’s a warning. It means that someone you care for in your life may pass away or become ill etc soon. This is the wounded dove. The angry eagle means this person may be upset with you now or things may not be right between you and them. The raven means this is approaching soon. This is a very personal interpretation for you and no one else. Take care, and know that no mater what happens. God loves you and is there for you & your friend.

  27. Finding your guides is a sacred thing. It’s not something that really should be joked about though like this. Mine is a white horse & a white wolf. It can also take some time to find them or rather they reveil themselves to you.

    1. I dreamt of a puppy wolf black and fluffy. When he looked at me I felt love and safety and guidance all at once. Why a puppy? Not sure what any of it means. It just went everywhere with me.

  28. when i start meditating i always see the same: im sitting in a stone in front of a waterfall and looking towards a forest, the i hear wings beating, and then a dragon lands and looks directly to me and we both remain in silence untill i come back from the spirit world.

    can somebody tell me what does that means

  29. About a year ago i had a dream about just a lion. Nothing in the background. Just the animal. It stared at me and it was over-my alarm clock woke me up for school. Sometimes I feel like my power animal is trying to reach me. Sometimes odd. Mainly during heavy calculating or extreme blankness. What does it all mean? (The dream and the others.)

  30. My spirits name is snowflake she is a pure white wolf with piercing blue eyes I can see her in my dreams I can go outside its still to cold out I wish I could though. When I’m in my dreams all my senses sharpen and I can see, smell, and hear things I shouldn’t is that a good thing?

  31. Well when I sleep I don’t see any thing just plain white or black and half of the time I don’t have dreams and if I try to meditate I can cuz I live in the city and can u just meditate out side in the yard……… oh and can u meditate in your room with a candle……

  32. One night I dereamed I was skiing then i fell in a wolf zone a wolf,found me,it growled and i was frightened,but, the wolf, didn’t atack me, it suddenly became my friend, and it gave me a peace of meat WHAT DOSE THIS MEAN?!?!

  33. I miss my wolf spirit. & I want to speak to my wolf spirit. I want a ability to listen to my wolf spirit. & I miss her a lot & lot & lot. I wish that I could speak & see my wolf spirit as well. But nobody wants to help me out. & my wolf spirit needs help to. Please will anyone help me out. :(.

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