June is National Potty Training Month

June is just around the corner, and as always the 6th month of the year gives everyone a bevy of exciting and relevant holidays for humans the world over to enjoy (yes, even you, greasy Italians!).

Of course, in observance of Potty Training Awareness Month, Pleated Jeans will be kicking off our annual Potty Training Pledge Drive and Awareness Magical Bus Tour in the coming days.

Potty-Training-artFACT: Did you know that failure to potty train is the number one cause of death for toddlers (right behind traffic injuries, drowning, fire, infections from owies, beheadings, suicide and all forms of illness)!? You didn’t? Then guess, what? YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

Sadly, thanks to the deep pockets of the insidious diaper industry, every year hundreds of parents remain oblivious to the idea of potty training. And as if that weren’t enough, thousands more refuse to acknowledge that potty training has any positive effects on health, happiness and living an active, stink-free lifestyle.

Would you believe that one in 13 adults uses their home toilet for the sole purpose of mailing their letters of prayer to the Greek god, Poseidon? Yes, obviously this is something we all do, but repenting our sins to the Great God of the Atlantic is only one of MANY great uses for the toilet!

The Pleated Jeans Magical Bus Tour will take us all over this great country. Most likely, we will be coming to your town, so be sure to look for us in your favorite grocery store toilet paper aisle or the bathroom stall of the local Super China Buffet.

Of course, we will also be staging our annual one-week peaceful protest outside Huggies HQ in Irving, TX. Just like last year, we’ll be out their picketing with clever protest signs (Diapers? More like DIE-pers) and teaching the proper Pinch & Shake maneuver to passersby.

Look forward to seeing you there!


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