My Pre-Sleep Ritual

1. Put on my pajamas
2. Brush my teeth
3. Wash my face
4. Change into dry, non-toothpaste encrusted pajamas
5. Turn out the lights in the house
6. Knock ceramic angel figurine off pedestal
7. Cry
8. Grab another angel figurine from the closet and place it on the pedestal
9. Go to bedroom
10. Say my prayers
11. Look under bed for pot of gold
12. Consider changing religions
13. Go to computer to research Ra the Sun God
14. Stumble across picture of Anubis, get scared
15. Cry
16. Change into clean pajama bottoms
17, Rehydrate
18, Get into bed
19. Look outside, realize it’s morning already
20. Get dressed
21. Go to work
22. Fall asleep during morning meeting


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